Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Prayer Request

Help! I've got a Greek quiz tomorrow! EEP! Please pray that I'm prepared for it and that I get to class in time to take the quiz. I have to drop my daughters off first, so if there is traffic, I won't make it in time.


  1. Leza said...
    He knows our prayers even before we ever utter them. How'd you do? Hope you did well!

    My hubby took Greek via Moody Bible Institute--an online course. That was way back when we started raising our butterflies indoors. To make it more pallitable to my hubby, I named the three E. Black Swallowtail caterpillars on our windowsill Alpha, Betta, and Gamma! It worked! Eleven years later, we rear *tons* of butterflies (and some moths) *in* our home! :-)
    michele said...
    I guess I did ok though I know I made some mistakes. I won't really know until he returns them.

    And that was very supportive of you, I know that the encouragement of loved ones helps when you are feeling overwhelmed.
    Leza said...
    Absolutely! It's amazing how having people supporting you can positively influence how you do, and how the lack of support or criticism can drag you down so you do poorly. He, of course, wants His children encouraged so we can excel! :-)

    I'll pray for your test at the end of the month. You're gonna do great! :-)
    michele said...
    Thanks! I really can use the prayer :-)

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