Thursday, September 27, 2007

What's Your Story? How I Got Engaged

MamaArcher tagged me to blog about the story of my engagement. I'm afraid that it isn't much of a story.

My husband and I met 23 years ago while we were both in college. We met in August and neither of us was looking to get involved. I had just broken up with a guy and was going to get a restraining order against him the following Monday and my future husband was visiting his aunt and was out having a good time with his brother and cousin. He asked me to dance and so did his brother (a minor argument broke out as to who I would dance with -- I danced with both of them). We danced and talked and went to the beach and talked some more and then waited for the sun to rise (it never did, it was overcast that morning).

And then I didn't hear from him for three months. He didn't want to date someone who lived an hour and a half away. But I guess he thought about me and decided to date me anyway. His brother was dating my friend (they met the same night we did) and I guess she mentioned I wasn't dating anyone, so he called and we started to date and then eventually we realized that this was it, we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We decided to get married when we graduated from college.

When we graduated we set a date for the wedding and started to make plans. I went shopping with him for the ring. We learned a lot about color, quality, clarity, etc. and I picked a very nice 3/4 carat diamond with a blue tint. We went to the beach where we went the first night we met and he asked me to marry him. It was a tad anti-climatic since I already knew we were getting married and I had picked out my ring :-) but it was nice to finally be officially engaged after almost four years of dating.


  1. Rodney Olsen said...
    Great story. It's always good to hear how people got together.

    Pauline and I met in January 1992 and were married in December 1992.

    I told the story of how we got together on our wedding anniversary a couple of years ago.
    Anonymous said...
    I think that is a good story! Everyone is so different and I find it very interesting! Thanks for participating.
    I personally think the beach is always a romantic thing!
    michele said...
    Thanks! I'm glad I finally got around to it!
    Pamela said... could have made it much more romantic

    the beach... the sunrise behind the clouds.... the heartbreak of saying goodbye because of the coast to coast distance (giggle)
    the days you spent watching the phone. He never called - but only because he got stuck in an elevator and he only survived by dreaming of how he would come for you when the Otis guy came to do maintenance.

    oh yes... this could have been a grand love story.
    michele said...
    Do you want it to be truthful or romantic?

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