Sunday, September 09, 2007

Our Dinner Conversation Tonight

Samantha was angry because I denied her dessert so I said to her, "When I die you'll regret being mean to me. You'll say 'I should have been nicer to my mom!' And I'll look down from heaven and say, "Yes, you should have."
Sarah: "Hey! There's no bitterness in heaven."
Me: "OK, at my deathbed you'll say to me 'I should have been nicer to you.' And I'll reply, 'Yes, you should have been' and then I'll die.

That got us thinking about our last words before we die.

Doug: "I told you that I was sick."
Me: "No, your last words will be, 'I knew I shouldn't have that second pork chop.'"
Samantha: "I'm going to say, 'Where's the remote?'"
Sarah: "My last words will be, 'What?'" (She says this all the time.)

I know, kind of morbid, right?


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