Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bruce Waltke's OT Theology has finally been published!!

I can't tell you how long I've waited for this publication! Years!

Here's a description:

The Old Testament is more than a religious history of the nation of Israel. It is more than a portrait gallery of heroes of the faith. It is even more than a theological and prophetic backdrop to the New Testament. Beyond these, the Old Testament is inspired revelation of the very nature, character, and works of God. As renowned Old Testament scholar Bruce Waltke writes in the preface of this book, the Old Testament’s every sentence is “fraught with theology, worthy of reflection.”

This book is the result of decades of reflection informed by an extensive knowledge of the Hebrew language, the best of critical scholarship, a deep understanding of both the content and spirit of the Old Testament, and a thoroughly evangelical conviction. Taking a narrative, chronological approach to the text, Waltke employs rhetorical criticism to illuminate the theologies of the biblical narrators. Through careful study, he shows that the unifying theme of the Old Testament is the “breaking in of the kingdom of God.” This theme helps the reader better understand not only the Old Testament, but also the New Testament, the continuity of the entire Bible, and ultimately, God himself.
I will be taking OT History and Theology II in the spring so I'm sure I'll have to read it for that course. Especially given this recommendation (by the professor who will be teaching the course):
In An Old Testament Theology Bruce Waltke shares his lifetime of devout scholarly study of the Bible. He is a master interpreter, and all of us—scholars, clergy, and laypeople—benefit greatly from this tremendous insights into the text. This book is a must read for all who study the Old Testament. - Tremper Longman III, Visiting Professor of Old Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary
Since it's a 1,000 pages I better get started.

The price is reasonable, only $27.87 at Westminster bookstore (and if you use my link, I get a kick back :-)


  1. Anonymous said...
    You know the only problem with being the OT Theology departments in many schools are the fact they don't take into account what the first century Christians saw in the O.T. - Mainly Christ. Sounds funny but the spend alot of time figuring out what was meant by what was said in the scriptures at the time it was written but not thinking about Christ about which it was written. Hebrews 4 for instance. I haven't read Bruce Waltke's book but its definitely on the list.
    michele said...
    If you're looking for someone who sees Christ in the OT, Waltke is your guy.
    Diane Lovell said...
    If Longman recommends it it must be good. Check out 'Biblical History of Israel' by Provan and Longman. (Found your blog through Blogging Chicks)

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