Monday, July 16, 2007

Walmart to sell Jesus action figure


The company targets parents who would rather their children play with the faith-based toys rather toys rather than other super hero action figures, the report said.
There are Christian parents who would rather their children play with a doll that represents their deity instead of Superman? They would have the representation of their Lord and Savior be subjected to all the indignities that children put their dolls through, so that they can avoid buying them a Batman toy? They would have the King of kings and Lord of lord reduced to a child's play toy? That is preferable to a Spider-Man doll?

What if the Jesus doll becomes a favorite? Those of you with kids know what I'm talking about when I say that they are the toys that really get beat up from use because the kids take it everywhere. What if the Jesus doll were to be loved and adored by the kid? "I love you, Jesus!" How doesn't this violate the first commandment (how doesn't it violate the first commandment by it's very creation)? Now, there may be some Christians who think that it might be nice to foster the love of Jesus in a child by using a doll but what does that say about how these parents are teaching their children to view Jesus? Where is the awe-inspiring aspect of his nature? Dolls by their very nature infantize those things that they represent, how does a doll inspire the awe and fear of God?

If you have to get a Bible doll, get the Samson instead. At least he had super human strength and if you get the Philistine dolls as well, the kids can pretend that they are fighting. Who needs the Transformers when they can have Samson instead?

Update: I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote this and didn't include the second commandment which deals specifically with graven images. Sheesh, why didn't someone mention it? How embarrassing!


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  1. rindy said...
    This just leads to so many thoughts...both good and bad...

    the good--bringing Jesus into the mainstream, getting people talking, potential for not only action figures but entire communities and story re-creations

    the bad--all what you said--and the idols,marketing priorities and creating just to make money

    Not sure on this one...

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