Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thanks to those of you who shopped at Westminster Bookstore using my link

I've been meaning to say thank you for awhile but kept forgetting to do it. I finally qualified for a gift certificate that I'm going to put to good use toward the books I need for seminary in the fall.

I'm taking Ancient Church History and The General Epistles and Revelation. My reading list isn't too bad since the courses are each two credits. I thought I would buy some of the church history books early and read them over the summer and I'm thinking about digesting them (maybe). I'll be buying these:

I also have to read Confessions by Augustine but I have a copy of that already.

Not only did I get a gift certificate from the bookstore but they sent me two free books. Wasn't that nice of them?

Once I read them, I'll write a review for the blog. Check them out in the mean time. Both books have study questions at the end of each chapter that might be useful for a Bible study group. Drew's book looks like a response to a purpose driven life:

“Charles Drew has given us a great book to give away--especially to those who want a purpose-driven life and want to dig more deeply into the mysteries of that purpose. It is at once clear, personal, culturally up-to-date, and theologically rich-- a perfect combination. Drew takes us a step beyond the literature that is presently available on the subject. Highly recommended.” - Dr. Timothy Keller, Senior Minister, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York.


  1. Moonshadow said...
    Is it Chadwick's translation you have?

    Sheed's classic translation was reissued earlier this year - his notes are probably more complete.

    Anyway, a good, annotated translation can make the difference, as I found out with St. Teresa's writings.

    I've wanted to read even the first volume of Pelikan's set so, last year, I started with a smaller work of his, on a somewhat familiar topic - Whose Bible Is It? - to get a feel for his writing and I couldn't understand him.

    I'll have to tackle the smaller work again before trying to "trade up" to anything in his The Christian Tradition series.
    Mark said...
    I hope you love Ancient Church as much as I did. Trueman is an awesome teacher. The Augustine book is by far the most important for that class. The other books just help fill in the gaps for you if your are not very familiar with that part of church history. Most of the exam will be from Augustine and Trueman's lectures.

    And I will see you in Epistles & Revelation!
    Moonshadow said...
    So my order arrived on Friday and I sat down yesterday with Sarna's book when the kids came in asking to watch TV.

    I told them to wait until I was done reading and the four-year-old said, "You're on the last page; you're almost done!" LOL. That page begins with a capital "I" so I told him it was page one and I was just beginning!

    I showed him the text and he declared it was Chinese.

    But I appreciate the brief introduction. Christian commentaries often have one hundred pages or more of introduction. Sarna goes right to the sacred text ... as it should be.
    Campfire Chats said...
    These are new books for me. Thanks for the introduction. I would recommend Church History in Plain language by Bruce Shelley and Turning Points by Mark Knoll.

    Campfire Chats
    michele said...
    Thanks for the suggestions. I have Turning Points and I've seen the Shelly book.

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