Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Sliver Surfer

So, we saw the new Fantastic Four movie last and it was great, much better than the first. A lot more action and special effects. This time we went as a family (last time Doug and I saw it without our daughters) and I was a little worried that it would be too intense for my eleven year old, Samantha. But it was OK. There was some suggestive dialogue and swearing but it wasn't too much (about what you would get on TV). Everyone but Doug loved the movie, he thought the acting was too low key.

I know that the movie has been panned by the critics and others but if you enjoyed the trailers, you'll probably enjoy the rest of movie. If you go to a movie like this expecting academy award winning acting and dialogue, then you deserve to be disappointed. But if you like a movie that is action packed and fast moving with some pretty silly dialogue, then you will probably like this movie.

The only part of the movie that I didn't like was an implied torture scene. I thought that it wasn't necessary and was probably politically motivated. Too much for a movie aimed at families and was out of step with the lighthearted comic book feel of the rest of the movie.

BTW, for you Stan Lee fans, he makes brief appearance in the film as himself.

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  1. Pamela said...
    well... I'm not keen on suffering... I mean the torture scene.

    I sort of enjoyed the first movie (rented DVD)

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