Thursday, June 07, 2007

Christ died for an opportunity?

Spotted this bumper sticker at James White's:

Give Jesus a Chance....He Died to Have the Opportunity
Where is that in the Bible?


  1. Rob said...
    Salvation depends totally on your effort. Didn't you know that? What are they teaching at Westminster these days??

    Was it next to one of those stickers where "Calvin" (who often has bladder problems) is at the foot of the cross praying? I often wondered how many came to Christ through that sticker.
    michele said...
    You know, as a Westminster student it threw me that you said Calvin had a bladder problem. And I wondered why anyone would have a picture of John Calvin at the foot of the cross on their bumper sticker and then I realized you were talking about the other Calvin :-)

    And they are teaching us better theology than that! Thank the Lord.

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