Friday, May 18, 2007

Modest Clothes for Teenagers

Any parent of a teenage girl knows that it's almost impossible to buy anything for them to wear that doesn't look like they have taken up a career in prostitution. The clothes are low-cut, tight, thin and revealing. People may wonder why Christian moms let their kids dress like that for church but it may be that they shopped for hours and that was the most modest thing they could find.

Well, now there's a decent alternative. Christa Taylor has started a new line of trendy and modest clothing for teenage girls. And it does live up to it's name. The clothes are similar to what you would find in the junior department of the store without being low-cut and cheap looking. They have some really nice choices. The prices are reasonable, too.

The only problem I had with the line is that the swimwear wasn't trendy at all, in fact it looked like it was from their 20's (maybe it was retro). I was assured that they would be adding to the collection when I asked them about it. I hope that they can come up with a decent solution to the problem of modest swimwear because I'm not mean enough to make my daughter wear that to the beach or pool.


  1. Rodney Olsen said...
    I've posted about clothing choice for young girls a couple of times before and spent some time talking about it on the radio.

    Good to hear about people who are making modesty a possibility for young ladies.
    mamas*little*treasures said...
    As a designer and creator of children's clothing, I have also been concerned about this. And as the mother of two young daughters, I am highly motivated to move my designing in this direction. Thanks for the info! Nina
    Jen said...
    I featured a lovely Christa Taylor dress on my own blog last week - the clothing really is lovely and sweet.

    That said, I couldn't agree more about the bathing suits, especially with the revival of 40s-style bathing suits we're now seeing. Granted, a little girl might not be interested in glamour, but at least they cover up.
    IRENE said...
    My eldest daughter is in her teens, and this is a subject that occupies my mind alot. Most girls dress up like their mums. I hope she takes after me, although some times she begins to find my suggestions too girly.

    By the way, I was surprised and moved by your choice of header; is this a place you've been? I think it is in Greece!

    Have a lovely day.
    Mert said...
    You know, I was just talking to the hubs about this a few months agao... but for Christian women too. Why is it that so many bloses are cut low now a days? I'm very uncomfortable with showing cleavage, and I am plus sized. Also not all plus sized women want to wear clothes that look like they are designed for elderly women. I would like something stylish that isn't plaid or gaudy.

    Finding clothes for my 6 yr old is even getting tough. All the shirts are long and too tight... like they are supposed to fit skin tight. My girl isn't fat but her torso is more broad that most girls so finding her s shirt anymore that isn't going to come down to her knees is a problem.
    michele said...
    yes, it's greece and I didn't take the picture, I got it at morguefile.
    Lisa said...
    Here is a link for VERY modest swimsuits:

    Anonymous said...
    I found this great website that has a directory of companies that sell different kinds of modest clothing. You should check it out. Go to
    Andrea said...
    Shade Clothing has great modest clothing. New Fall Fashion out August 7th. This coupon works on new items, clearance and all discounts. This personal shopper will assist you with all your questions if you need. Great coupon MAU23780 no expiration and up to an additional 10% off - right now Spring and Summer sale items are an additional 20% off and you can use coupon MAU23780 for an addtional 5-10% off!
    Jess said...
    It's great to see more and more web sites springing up to fill this need! One I would recommend for great swimwear, which I hope to stock in the future, is Their suits are so cute, fit pre-teen through women's sizes, and have a really fun style. My favorite is the one with the gingham halter and skirt. Love it!

    Owner, Sakura Rose Boutique
    Kenna said...
    I have found this amazing modest swim suit line from Diviine ModesTee. Their website is I love my swim suit! I get compliments where ever I go - I am so glad that a company cares enough to design modest and CUTE bathing suits!
    Anonymous said...
    By way of introduction, my name is Liat Bensimon, and I am from Miami, FL. In my quest to combine my desire to participate in athletic events and remain modest, I created a patent-pending Modest Exercise Skirt (i.e. EXERSKIRT). This skirt has "gym shorts" attached to it and allows for the full range of mobility, all while adhering to the laws of Modesty.

    I feel that my skirt would be perfect for the modest women in the Modest community, for both exercise and for casual attire, since they care about modesty, yet are engaged in the every day world.

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    Anonymous said...
    Hi! I just had to leave a note about This store is wonderful, operated by a Christian family, and my teenagers loved the clothing I bought for them! It is so hard to find clothes for them nowadays.

    God Bless!
    Rita said...

    My name is Rita Bailey… I just launched a website called because i belive in promoting modesty, honesty and charitable practices.

    A few months ago I launched a modest clothing website I launched this site because I felt there was a void in the market for women who wish to dress modestly yet still with a touch of style and flare. I personally had a hard time finding modest clothing and the sites that are already out there are too expensive. All of our clothing are reasonably priced.

    We have a great charity program worth mentioning as well: We donate one dollar from every purchase to the charity of our customers choice. We currently have a short list of accepted charities but we can donate to charities that aren't on the list after a brief review. All you have to do is enter the organizations name in the where did you hear about us field at checkout. When we receive a certain amount of requests for a specific charity organization, we consider adding it to the list.

    Please help us spread the word about our website and our charity initiatives… For every gift certificate that is purchased we donate 2 dollars to charity.

    Best regards,
    Rita Bailey

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