Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'm tired and need a break

As you probably can understand, I've had a very busy year! Between blogging, blogrolls, writing and leading a Bible study, writing exegesis papers and digests, schleping my kids back and forth to school, studying for midterms, finals, Greek exams, Hebrew quizzes, etc., etc., etc.

So, I'm taking a break and relaxing. No Internet, no email, no blogrolls, no blogs and now that my semester has ended, no seminary work. Just being a mom and enjoying life.

I will see you in a week!


  1. Rodney Olsen said...
    Enjoy your break.

    I look forward to hearing from you when you're relaxed and ready to return.
    Pamela said...
    Mike Y said...
    Good for you! You deserve a break.
    Moonshadow said...
    When you get back, is it too early to ask for your Genesis materials? I mean, commentaries.

    I'll get the Sarna commentary (from WTS, of course. Do you need/want a copy?) but, well, can you recommend a primary text?

    I have this. Does Sarna's commentary work from it?

    I'm not really up on the Hebrew text traditions, except that I think there are more of them than for the Greek (i.e., NT)?

    Happy Shabuwa` (half spent).
    modmom said...
    you're smart!
    i think i'll follow your lead soon.
    i have a bunch of giveaways on my blog you should enter. one is for a modern hammock.

    when you can, please send me the html for the bloggin chicks drop down link so i can join your blogroll.

    thank you.
    modmommy@gmail dot com
    michele said...
    Thanks all. I did restore, Pamela and recommend it to everyone. It really was a change of pace :-)
    Anonymous said...
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