Saturday, April 14, 2007

ESV Literary Study Bible

The ESV publishers are such tempters! How in the world can I possibly justify getting yet another study Bible? I have so many! And it's $50 but I think it would be worth it. You usually have to buy a separate commentary to get good literary analysis of the text. Having a study Bible would be helpful when I'm reading a particular book of the Bible and don't have a literary commentary available. Knowing the genre and other literary forms of a particular book of the Bible could be very helpful in my daily reading.

Dr. Leland Ryken provides the notes for the study Bible, he is an expert in the field of literary analysis. You can read more about it here where there's a link to a brochure. Do not click on that link unless you are strong willed and won't be tempted into buying it because it really does look great. I even love the cover. I'm going to save my money and get it when it comes out in September.


  1. Mark Traphagen said...
    Don't forget, Michele, that Westminster Bookstore will have this at 40% off (as are all our ESV Bibles) as soon as it comes out!
    Daltons Briefs said...
    Love the bible myself. And the 40% is even better. My mother bought a study bible every year. Then wrote it it all year while she was studying.

    Years later, she gave these bibles to us kids as presents. What a wonderful gift to see her studies years later during that year.
    Scott Cheatham said...
    I know I'll be getting one of these too. I love the idea of a literary study bible for my own times of reading whole books of the scriptures.
    michele said...
    I think that would b a welcome change from the way we normally read Scripture: a verse at a time. Thinking about the literary structure of the books would be novel for most people :-)

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