Tuesday, March 27, 2007

WTS Bookstore and Good News for me!!

I was working very hard to finish reading New Testament History by F. F. Bruce, so that I could write a digest by Friday. I asked my professor what time he wanted it by on Friday (I could tell that I would be hitting the latest possible deadline at the rate I was going) but he surprised me and said that the time was flexible. I joked and asked "By midnight?" and he said that he might not even pick them up on Friday! So I asked, "Could we turn them in after the Easter break?" and he agreed! Woo hoo! How cool is that? Now I have a little breathing room. Enough that I could take a moment and post something to my blog.

BTW, you have got to read Bruce's book it is a quick and enjoyable read. You learn a lot about the early church and it has some interesting background information. It's only $12 at the Westminster Bookstore.

I'll be plugging the bookstore every chance I get now because I get a kick back when you buy books from them using a link from my blogs (either this one or Reformed Chicks). So, please help a struggling seminarian out and buy your books using my links! I want to be able to afford this:

And this:

Money's tight now that we are investing $6,000 in Samantha mouth (braces), so I can't afford to buy books right now. And the Goldsworthy looks really interesting and I want to use the Genesis commentary for a study I hope to be doing next year. The commentary is a Jewish commentary and it is really good and has the Hebrew and English translation side by side with commentary on the bottom. I used it last semester and found it very helpful.


  1. Moonshadow said...
    Re: Sarna's commentary on Genesis: it's always good to use Jewish commentaries when studying the Hebrew scriptures. In a Psalms course, gosh five years ago now, we used his book.

    But, didn't you find the commentary somewhat liberal? Usually JPS material is liberal in a textual critical way ... which is fine with me. Well, at least I know what commentary you'll be using this fall.

    How does the bookstore link track to you? My blog also has a link but I don't need the kick back necessarily. Can I assign mine to you? Not that my blog will generate anything .... it's the thought that counts. :-)

    I think I have that Bruce book someplace. Lots of books in boxes 'round here because of the construction. I picked it up, along with some other gems, when a church library was cleaning out. That's always a good source of books, you know.

    Come to think of it, the Reformed church in Freehold has an annual book sale, in the dog days of summer - good books in decent shape for 50 cents or $1. I'll keep an eye out and let you know when.

    What's with the insurance on her braces? When I had mine (about seven years ago), insurance paid half.
    Moonshadow said...
    I wanted to share this morning my foggy recollection that Bruce favors the so-called "early date" for Revelation.

    Is that right? The early date was still in vogue when he was writing. Nonetheless, he's undoubtably worth reading.

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