Saturday, March 17, 2007

Steve Harvey Introduces Jesus Christ

To see the love of God in this video made me cry! I loved the reaction of the crowd.


Updated: I loved this so much, I thought I would share it with the Blogging Chicks.

A bit of a confession, even though I thought this theme (movie and TV) was a great idea at the time, I couldn't think of a thing that was interesting enough to blog about. I did think about writing of my love/hate relationship with TV but I just didn't have the energy. The gist of the post was that when I really love a show, it's canceled. This started with Lou Grant and it's been going on year after year. This year it's Veronica Mars and Studio 60 (I actually have a love/hate relationship with this show as well), they haven't been canceled yet, but I'm not holding out hope that they'll be back (here's the scoop on Veronica Mars -- be warned it is a spoiler site). I try to be more standoffish but I can't pull it off and I fall hard, only to be jilted once again.

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  1. Susan said...

    You go Steve, bring on the glory.

    I bet his mother is proud.
    Karmyn said...
    I didn't know Steve was a religious guy. Very cool.

    Okay - I hate it when shows get canceled - that is why I NEVER watched Lost. I figured it wouldn't make it past 6weeks. I was wrong. So -I kind of gave up watching tv.
    michele said...
    I felt the some way about Lost. It was so unusual, I thought it would be canceled in the first season and I would never know what happened.
    CyberCelt said...
    I love it. Steve Harvey missed his calling. No Southern preacher could touch him.

    Can I get an AMEN?
    michele said...
    I think that he's found his calling, entertainer :-)
    Moonshadow said...
    I bet his mother is proud.
    That's what touched me, how he came by this knowledge, so intimately.

    "His mother is still headlinin' ..."
    Oh, dear me.

    Harvey's introduction reminds me of a recent Easter vigil service I attended that ran for hours, well into the night, and, boy, weren't we all a little let down that Jesus didn't show up!

    Experiences like that make lasting impressions.

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