Friday, March 02, 2007

Shift Happens

When I saw this video, I felt overwhelmed by the numbers, they are staggering. We know that the Internet is this vast sea of information and sometimes you feel lost in it all. I think that's why Google is so important, it helps to cut through the trash to find the diamonds.


Hugh Hewitt had David Allen White and John Mark Reynolds on his show debating whether all this information is a good or bad thing. Go listen to the debate or read the transcript. I could see both sides but ultimately I believe that the Internet offers more good than evil.

I know there is all this great information out there, yet I spend a lot of my time reading news stories, not the classics :-) But I know that I also have a great resource in the Internet because more and more people like my Hermeneutics professor, Dr. Vern Poythress, make their articles and books available on the Internet.

I think that the Internet has the potential to be a force for good. It is the great equalizer, we all have access to the same information. I also love being able to access information that I wouldn't be able to access without the Internet. Where else could I get free mp3 files of audio books? I downloaded Piligrim's Progress to listen in the car, where I spend most of my life :-) I could also listen to the Imitation of Christ if I wanted to.

My professor, Dr. Gaffin, suggested that we read one of his papers to understand the role of Holy Spirit in the Old Testament, I found it on the Internet, here.

I think that ultimately the Internet is value neutral and that we bring our own issues with us. If we lack disciple in the real world, we'll lack it here.


  1. Moonshadow said...
    I could also listen to the Imitation of Christ if I wanted to.

    My annual Lenten meditation. Don't skip "Book IV"!

    But my favorite section is Book I, Chapter V: "We ought not to ask who is speaking, but mark what is said."

    I saw a fine copy in a bookstore in Howell last Monday which I almost bought for you but it had pictures of you know Who inside and decided against it. I couldn't bear to buy it and rip the pictures out before gifting it.

    You see, I'm learning! :-)
    michele said...
    I still have the last gift you gave me of you know who.
    Erin said...
    that was intense and kind of scary. I can't even wrap my mind around the significance.
    *one thing that I thought of at the beginning was my missions prof teling us that eastern countries are starting to see potential to send missionaries to the US! (And yet the number of people unreached who still don't even know what Christianity is, is still just as intense...)
    Stephen D Oliver said...
    And it's precisely Google's importance that scares me. Their known political bias (like that of YouTube, which I think they own now) makes them suspect to me.
    I suggest using more than one Search engine. I say this not because I work for the evil Software Giant of WA state (I do), but as a Christian and a conservative, I'm wary of what I've seen Google practicing already (just look at how they treat ads).
    michele said...
    I'll keep that in mind.

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