Friday, March 09, 2007

Life on the sun?

Someone actually googled, "life on the sun" and come to my blog. I'm still trying to comprehend why anyone would think that there was life on the sun. It boggles the mind. Maybe they were looking for this.


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    The reason people might suspect there is life on the sun is because the sun is a much more complex celestial body than the earth. The conscious experience, the waking experience, is correlated with a physical body made of mostly water and salt - a pattern of matter and energy. Because of the sun's larger size and topography, there could be reason to believe there are patterns on the sun as complicated as the pattern of your biology. If your water and salt supports "life" and consciousness, then maybe the patterns of plasma and gas on the sun do so as well. Imagine a plasma-based lifeform examining the Earth based on its own understanding of "life," and determining there's no intelligent life there!

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