Monday, February 05, 2007

B+ on my OTHT paper

I was pleased by this grade because I had been getting a string of B- up to this point (well, two anyway) so a least it wasn't as bad. I had expected a worse grade but the professor was generous. He said it was solid exegesis with some insights. I will be editing the paper to put on the website. I want to incorporate his suggestions into it, so that it's a better paper. I'm also going to take out the Hebrew.

In other news, Al Groves and Alister Begg are in need of prayer. It looks like Professor Groves will not make it much longer, he is under hospice care. Please go read the post by his wife, Libbie.

And Alister Begg has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and it looks like it's treatable. Pray for a quick recovery for him.


  1. Moonshadow said...
    Oh, leave the Hebrew in ... or transliterate it.

    (and a B+ is outstanding)
    michele said...
    Too much work :-)

    I was happy with the grade because I really think the work wasn't as good as I thought it could be.

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