Monday, January 08, 2007

It's weird to read someone else's description of your blog

Ogre of Ogre's Politics and Views has attempted to describe my blog to his readers and it was weird to read the description. What I think is clear turns out not to be too clear. I forget that people might not get the whole Ecclesiastes - Life Under the Sun reference. Now I'm going to have to work on a whole new blog description. Bummer! I hope I can keep my blog title but I think I might have to switch over to Reformed Weltanschauung Blogging after all. Do you think that title will be easier for people to understand? :-)


  1. Robin said...
    You know, Michele, I've always liked the "life under the sun" explanation, but I come with an understanding of the connection to Ecc. I guess it would be confusing if you don't recognize the OT reference, but, wow...bizarre. (That first comment on Ogre's site was just s c a r y!)
    Ogre said...
    And I understood the Ecc. reference, but I didn't make the connection to the title. Instead, I read the description expecting something about why the blog exists or what it would be about -- and I couldn't connect the Bible verse to the blog directly.
    michele said...
    But that's the problem, if people don't make the connection, they won't get the title or the purpose for the blog -- looking at life from a Christian worldview. I've got to figure out a way to make that clearer.
    michele said...
    Robin, yeah that was pretty whacked. There are nuts out there.
    Kevin Stilley said...
    You could go for more appeal to the cultural zeitgeist and call it "My So Called Life Under the Sun." ;)
    michele said...
    Oh My Gosh!!! That is absolute brilliance!!! You are a genius, Kevin.
    LeftCoastOnlooker said...
    Hey Michele, I enjoy getting to know you, & being challenged, by glancing over your blog from time to time.
    I guess I didn't experience confusion, but that must be my background. I like KEvin's suggestion, or My Life Under the Sun, or keep it the same, if you found it praiseworthy when you began. Or add some commentary in the sidebar.
    Thanks for your teaching!
    Life, toil, the emptiness of a life that has no greater enjoyment than the temporal is vain & vexing to the soul. At the end of my life, what legacy will my life leave behind? If only the temporal, my life will have been full of the vain. Apart from God, there is not lasting joy or enjoyment, only temporary happiness in those things that pass away.
    The Moses reference to the pleasure that lasts only for a season comes to mind(sorry for the quick paraphrase)
    A grace-filled New Year to you!
    michele said...
    Thank you, LeftCoastOnlooker. I agree that apart from God all of life is vain and filled with emptiness. That's the point of Ecc.

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