Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I spent the day playing with my new Palm TX

I have to say I love my new TX, it is a very versatile palm. Not only does it have WIFI capability, it can play MP3 and video files. And the quality of the picture is amazing. I was able to find a free player on the Internet, TCPMP. It can play MP3 files as well. But I think I'll stick with Pocket Tunes, it is a very nice player.

I can't understand why anyone would want an Ipod when you can get a palm for the same price and get the Internet, an e-book reader so that you can read Warfield, Machen, C. S. Lewis, Van Til, and many other books, video, MP3, games like Zuma and Bubblet, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, software that allows you to read the Greek, Hebrew or the ESV Bibles (I already posted the links here).

The only thing I can't get to work is downloading my mail from gmail. I've done everything that they suggest doing but it still doesn't work. Bummer!



  1. Sajjad said...
    Hi Michele. Happy New Year to you.

    I too am a TX user, have been since October 2006. I love it. I managed to get Gmail working. I presume you are trying to use VersaMail? If so these are the settings I used. Account Name: Gmail. Mail Service: US-Gmail. Protocol:POP. NEXT> Username: name@gmail.com. Password: password. NEXT> Email Address: name@gmail.com. Incoming Mail Server: pop.gmail.com. Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.gmail.com.

    However I prefer to use the Blazer browser to check my Gmail. I go to their mobile site http://m.gmail.com. Using their site gives me the ability to Star or Archive mail just like the normal site.

    Take care.
    Sajjad (from the UK).
    michele said...
    Thanks for the info, I used those settings but it still didn't work. I think I'll take your suggestion and go to their mobile site and check my mail through the browser.
    local girl said...
    I have the Palm Treo and I love it. I use the TCPMP to play movies and videos. I don't know what I'd do without my Treo!
    michele said...
    How do you get movies on it?

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