Sunday, December 10, 2006

N.T. Wright article

N.T. Wright was profiled in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution yesterday. It's an excellent article. He is a interesting scholar with a lot of insights into the New Testament. He has some problems with his theology and his view of Scriptures but he also has some great insight into understanding the fulfillment of the promises made to Israel through Christ. Christ became the true Israel and fulfilled what they were supposed to be. My OT professor shared with us Wright's interpretation of Romans 2 in light of the promises made to Israel in the new covenant and it really helped me to understand it better (more on that after my final).

I know that some of you might act negatively to his name but if your theology is firmly in place, then you can read a variety of books and not worry about being lead astray. I have been helped to understand the Scriptures more fully by liberals, feminists, conservatives, Roman Catholics, Jews (OT of course :-), etc. I appreciate their insight into what the Bible says but don't have to hold to their conclusions.

Note to self, when posting a link to anything related to Wright just put it on the altar and back away so as not to offend the hordes :-)

Those of you who would disagree with my original post might want to look at this from another angle, I know that plenty of people view Wright negatively and maybe I don't want any labels associated with me. I've decided not to be a part of this whole meshugass because I have enough just being a Calvinist.

Updated again: OOPS! Reading comprehension isn't my strongest skill and there was a typo that really threw me off. But I think I'll leave the comment to forestall anyone who actually does take offense.


  1. Doug Floyd said...
    Thanks for the post to the article. I enjoy Wright and am amazed at the strong emotions he stirs. I went to see him two years ago in Louisiana as he "debated" Richard Gaffin (from your seminary). I actually enjoyed both men immensely and it disappoints me the high level of antagonism consistently directed at Wright in some circles. I think John Frame's article last year about the Machen's Warrior children addresses this strange desire among many modern Reformed Christians to spend more time looking for a fight than proclaiming or embodying the gospel.
    michele said...
    I enjoy Wright as well but I have no intention of getting involved in this controversy.

    I heard the debate between Wright and Gaffin went well. I'll have Gaffin again next semester for the Acts and Paul and suspect will here some insight into Wright's position from Gaffin.

    You might be interested in "By Faith, Not by Sight" by Gaffin where he addresses Paul's order of salvation.

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