Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Hallelujah Diet

Though it may be healthy (and that is debtible), it is not biblical:

That evangelical urge is how the Hallelujah Diet has gone from being the kooky idea of a small-time Baptist preacher to the great hope of legions of followers, most of them Christian, looking for a way to heal or prevent disease.Malkmus, who attended Moody Bible Institute in the 1960s, graduated from Elohim Bible College in New York and was ordained by a small Baptist church in that state. He was introduced to the vegan lifestyle in 1976, at age 42. He had just lost his mother to colon cancer, after watching her suffer through chemo and radiation therapy, when a "baseball-sized tumor" showed up under his own rib cage, he says.

Though he never went to an oncologist or had a biopsy, Malkmus thought the tumor was cancerous and sought alternative treatment. A fellow evangelist, Lester Roloff, told him to change his diet and feed his body the way God intended.

Roloff cited Genesis 1:29: "Then God said, `I give you all plants that bear seed everywhere on earth and every tree bearing fruit which yields seed; they shall be yours for food.' "

Malkmus completely changed the way he ate and, over time, he says, the tumor went away. As he met others who claimed a vegan diet had cured their ills as well, he came to believe God had given him a message to spread -- that God initially meant for man to live only on what was provided in the Garden of Eden, and that the addition of meat to man's diet after the great flood had introduced a host of illnesses because the human body has trouble digesting it.
This is what happens when you are selective in your Bible quotes. What does it say about God that He allowed man to eat meat even though it was bad for him? That he would want us to be sick?

He gave Israel a list of clean and unclean meat they were allowed to eat, the priests were allowed to eat meat that was sacrificed to God and God told Peter he was allowed to eat the unclean food that Israel had been forbidden. No where in the Bible is there any hint that meat was a form of judgment against man.

God has given mankind meat to eat and it is wrong to say that the gifts of God are bad. This is twisting the word of God to suit your agenda. No Christian should tell another Christian not to eat meat because there is nothing in the Bible that declares meat to be forbidden. This is placing a burden on them.


  1. Pamela said...
    It's the things we are doing to the animals

    Like making cows eat ofal (which is the chopped up cow essentially) Cows weren't meant to be carnivors

    or filling their flesh with antibiotics and growth hormones

    etc etc etc
    same for the chickens and turkeys
    Moonshadow said...
    filling their flesh with antibiotics and growth hormones

    pamela makes an interesting point:

    My brother-in-law was a dairy farmer for decades. He gave his animals hormones, etc., etc. As a new Christian, I'm not sure whether he came to be bothered by that necessity. All I know is that he's getting out, retiring, and blaming a competitive market.

    This reminds me of Daniel 1:8-16, 'though that was more about pagan sacrifice or royal allegiance than diet.

    I think it works both ways: Romans 14:2.

    Personally, I don't eat meat often and it has nothing to do with how animals are treated or what effect meat may have on my health.

    It's about the quality ... I'm fussy about quality.
    Mike Y said...
    Of course we also know well the stories about men who smoke like chimneys and yet live into their hundreds. Anecdotal science isn't very scientific.

    I've come across a few folks who have insisted on the Hallelujah diet. One in particular is now dying of cancer after following the diet for the past 20 years or so.

    I'm totally with you on the selective usage of verses. It's just bad practice no matter how you cut it. It makes me sad, because 'Jesus wept'. [That last part was intended to be sarcastic.]
    michele said...
    Wow! I can't believe someone was able to follow this for 20 years.

    And that was a good one :-)
    Robin said...
    ...BIG S I G H...

    the world's gone mad...:/.

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