Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A different kind of busy

Life is busy, there is no rest for the weary whether I'm in school or out. I spent the last month of seminary trying to write papers and study for finals and as soon as I was done with my last final, I rushed to buy my girls their Christmas presents, posted on my blogs and caught up with email, and then met my kids and husband for dinner and a movie. The next day, we went to Pa. to visit my extended family (as I mentioned in my last post). On Saturday, after I visited with my dad's family, we went to see my Grandma and then Sarah talked me into going to the mall ("It's a tradition, we do it every year"). After we were done shopping, I caught up on email (on Sarah's laptop-- hey, it's the price you pay for dragging me all over the mall).

On Sunday, after we drove home, more catching up with email and posting. Monday is a blur, I have no idea what I did, I think email and posting and a little cleaning. Plus I picked up the backup of my computer. Then I took the girls Christmas shopping for their friends and Samantha's teacher.

Yesterday, I drove back to Pa. to take my Grandma to see Sight and Sound's "Miracle of Christmas." On Saturday, I'd mentioned seeing "The Nativity Story" and thought she might like to see it. I suggested she ask one of her daughters to take her but she didn't want to impose on them in case they didn't want to see it. Then she mentioned wanting to see the Christmas show at Sight and Sound. For some unknown reason I said, "I'll take you and if I can't get tickets this week, we'll go to whatever they are showing next."

Well, it was of the Lord because we were able to get tickets and she was free (she canceled a lunch date to go, though and it turns out I had to cancel a breakfast date to go -- I'd forgotten all about it). She was very excited about it and I was happy to take her but it meant getting up early, Doug taking the girls to school and picking them up, driving almost 3 hours to pick her up, driving back east to go to Lancaster, then back west again to take her home and then driving back east again for almost 3 hours when I was very tired. It was a twelve hour day.

I plan to write a review sometime today (maybe tonight). I'm busy again today and I have to get some cleaning done, I have guests coming this Saturday and the place is trashed. Prayer would be helpful :-)


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