Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bad News!

My computer is rejecting its power supply, so I'm unable to recharge the battery. I think it wants a vacation. So, posting will be light until I get it fixed. Prayer would be appreciated. I love my computer and am a little lost without it.


  1. Kevin Stilley said...
    I had this happen to a laptop a few years ago. The computer repair place said they would have to replace the motherboard to fix it. But instead, I bought an external battery charger and an extra battery and used it that way for about a year.
    local girl said...
    i hope it gets fixed soon! I would have blogging withdrawals!
    michele said...
    I am having blogging withdrawals!

    Kevin, how does that work?
    Kevin Stilley said...
    My laptop that had this problem was a Toshiba also, so it is possible that it might be a similar problem. I hope not for your sake.

    It was really pretty simple. I would just keep one battery charging in the external charger and when the one in my laptop would start getting low I would switch them out. However, that was a few years ago and replacement prices are lower now so that probably wouldn't be nearly as feasible now.
    michele said...
    That's a very good idea! I'll have to keep it in mind.

    Mine is under warrenty, so it really doesn't matter if they replace the motherboard, I'm not paying for it.

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