Monday, December 18, 2006

Aren't family gatherings fun?

Every year I go to Pa. to visit my extended family. Saturday we visit my father's family and Sunday my mom's. On Saturday, I spent the day explaining to my dispensational premillenial uncle (who is a pastor and will be teaching at a seminary starting in January) why I'm an amillenialist. (What? You don't talk about the eschaton at family gatherings?)

Then my uncles decided that I should have another baby. I told them I was too old for babies and I was just waiting around for grandkids.
"But aren't you 35?"
"35? Yeah, like 11 years ago."
"You're 46? Man, that makes me old."

Then on Sunday I spent the day explaining what a blog is and explaining to another uncle why I'm not a dispensational premillenialist. And I also explained what I planned to do when I graduated from seminary (actually I got this on Saturday and Sunday -- one uncle asked, "What do you plan to do when you grow up?"). I've explained this every year since I started at seminary.

And this was our morning at my aunt's church:
"This is my niece, Michele and her husband, Doug and their daughters, Sarah and Samantha."
"Oh! Are they twins?"
"No, they're four years apart"
This happened three times.

Then my aunt gave us a tour of her church and she showed us the pastor's office. The pastor was in the office and she said, "The office is small but then so are you, so it fits." I said to my daughters later on, "See, this is why Mommy is the way she is."


  1. Pamela said...
    Poor Sara and Samantha.
    jason said...
    I am curious how you would define a dispensational premillenialist.
    michele said...
    I would you use the standard definition used by people like Charles Ryrie.
    michele said...
    Yes, Pamela this happens to them all the time. Poor things.

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