Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Image and video hosting by TinyPicI hope you all (both of my readers :-) are enjoying your Thanksgiving Day celebrations and have much to be thankful for. I'm thankful I finished my exegetical paper for my OTHT class and that I was able to get to the seminary in time yesterday. I had to get it there by 5:00 pm and I was still writing it in the morning. But I prayed a lot and the Lord kept me going and I finished it with time to spare for traffic. I took my daughters with me since they were off from school, they were lured into going with the promise of a Chick-fil-a milkshake but we didn't eat lunch until 2:30! They were starving!

We went to the bookstore while we were there and I was dismayed to learn that they have rearranged the bookstore by author and not subject. Now, just think about that for a minute, how in the world do you buy a commentary by author? Who knows the name of the author of a commentary? I go to the bookstore and scan the section to see what type of commentaries they have, now that's impossible. One of the side benefits though is that I'm not going to be doing too much impulse buying anymore. Or purchasing more than one book on a particular subject.

After we left the seminary, I had to drive to the Princeton Theological Seminary Library (they let students from other seminaries take out up to five books and they have a huge selection of commentaries) to turn in my commentaries for Genesis and to pick up commentaries for Luke for my Gospels exegetical paper. Yes, that's right, now that I've finished one paper I have to write another by next Thursday and it is actually going to be harder than the one I just finished. I am not looking forward to it. I will be working on it today and the rest of the weekend. My daughters are going to stay with my parents for a couple days, so I should be able to get a lot done (I hope, but I'm having a very hard time concentrating and writing).

I will be posting the papers after my finals. I didn't hate my paper for OTHT so it will make it easier to post, though it has Hebrew in it so you will have to download a font (I'll post a link for it when I post the paper) to read the Hebrew.

And for your viewing pleasure, a blast from the past. I'm old enough to actually remember this episode:



  1. Kevin Stilley said...
    And, a Happy Thanksgiving to you !!!
    Rodney Olsen said...
    We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia but I certainly hope you enjoy yours.
    Pamela said...
    Hope your day was full of treasure.

    Your perseverance in the library amuses me, and impresses.
    Moonshadow said...
    The bookstore isn't arranged by dept., class no., and section? How inconvenient.

    PTS library - I've considered getting a borrower's pass there. Last I checked it cost $75 / year. Probably more now.

    It was always necessary to raid our on-campus library for commentaries at the beginning of any class on Scripture requiring, as they all did, an exegetical term paper. To wait as late as this meant the best books were already taken because an unlimited number of books could be borrowed for the entire semester (and a little after).

    The Anchor Bible Commentary was non-circulating, i.e., in reference ... and some other well-known series. But, you can't put a paper together from those. I found journal articles more pertinent and lighter reading ... and lighter to tote! actually, than full-blown commentary volumes. Fewer footnotes, references to other works, to track down, too.

    Anyway, enjoy it. It's a great discipline. You said on your other blog that you aren't "grateful" for this work intruding on your holidays ... tsk, tsk, tsk.

    Such is the stuff of life.
    michele said...
    The PTS library card is only $50 now.

    And yes, it is a smart idea to raid the library early but I wasn't with it enough this semester to do that :-). The good thing about Westminster is that it has all the good commentaries on reserve so I could always copy what I need or sit in the library and write my paper.

    "You said on your other blog that you aren't "grateful" for this work intruding on your holidays ... tsk, tsk, tsk."

    Well, I said I wasn't "thankful" to be writing another exegetical paper during my break. I'm sorry but I bet you would feel the same way if you had just finished one and then had to work on the other over the holiday. Not easy and filled with a lot of distractions and I'm feeling pretty burned out.

    The Anchor Bible Commentary for Luke was one of the ones I took out. I liked the one for Genesis.
    Moonshadow said...
    I took only one class per semester. I knew my limits. And that's why it took me five years for a 30-credit MA!

    The requirements are more now, I know. And you're at a real school whereas I knew that I couldn't cut a real school.

    And, you're right, $50. Don't know what I was thinking.

    I am looking forward to your post on the unjust judge.

    I hope that you like Fitzmyer. I had given you his Romans commentary [ without his autograph :-( ] when we studied Romans.

    Supposedly Fitzmyer has a reputation for appealing to Christians of all stripes.

    The series is dated but they try to redo volumes from time-to-time. I'm happy to see that a new Revelation volume is in the works because Dr. Josephine Massyngberde Ford's has, umh, a "unique" perspective.

    I should say that I don't remember that particular episode of WKRP but as to turkeys flying, there's this recent story that happened in my hometown and made the NYC news:

    "Home-invading turkey creates flap" - Asbury Park Press, 11/15/06

    "Wild Turkey Crashes Into, Trashes Boy's Bedroom" - WNBC, 11/15/06.

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