Sunday, October 22, 2006

I haven't abandoned this blog

Though it would seem that I have. I've been very busy with Greek and Hebrew, my Revelation Bible study and Reformed Chicks Blabbing. I've been doing a lot of political blogging because of all that is going on leading up to the election.

I love my classes and have been really interested in the lecture material so it's been a great semester so far. I've decided not to worry about the grades and just enjoy the classes and be blessed by learning so much about the word of God. This week we got into the theology of the Gospels and in my OT class, Professor Green, just completed an overview of the Pentateuch and started a more indepth look at Genesis. So indepth that we spent some time looking at Genesis 1:1 (in Hebrew) on Tuesday. We examined the question, is Genesis 1:1 a summary statement about creation or a statement about God creating? What's interesting, is that there is no other place in the Genesis account where the earth is said to have been created. I thought it was a summary statement and still do, though I understand why the professor didn't.

I do intend to post the notes for the Revelation Bible study and there is something interesting I learned in my OT class this week that I wanted to share (it's on Romans 2). I will try to get to it tomorrow, if I can finish preparing for my Greek and Hebrew tests that I will be having this week. Yes, I am once again going to be tested for both languages on the same day.

The Revelation study is going well, even though the group is very small. I'm enjoying being forced to study it :-) It is a wonderful book and it is so rich. I highly recommend the Beale commentary, he has been so helpful on the problem verses, like 3:5 where Jesus says that he wouldn't blot out the name of those who overcome. This can be a very difficult verse because if we believe that the Jesus is saying that he would blot out the name of those who weren't conquerors then we have a contradiction with Ephesians chapter 1. More on this when I post my notes for chapter 3 (which should be a couple months at this rate :-)

I received a very nice present from a very thoughtful person (thanks, Moonshadow). It's an introduction to the Old Testament. Reading the Old Testament by Lawrence Boadt. And it's autographed, with a very nice inscription about God blessing me "richly" in my love of the Scriptures. He already has :-) I will let you know what I think, at least about the Pentateuch section which is all I'll probably have time for.

BTW, I highly recommend The Modern Search for the Real Jesus by Robert B. Strimple. It is an excellent survey of the quests (there were three distinct types of quest) for the historical Jesus over the last couple hundred years. It gives you just enough information about each scholar and helps you to understand where they fit in the history and how they were influenced by the scholars who came before them and how they influenced those who came after them.

And while I'm recommending stuff, the new Evanescence CD is excellent. It is just as good as the first and I love every song on it especially "Call Me When You're Sober" (which I sing at the top of my lungs while I'm driving)and "Good Enough" which really demonstrates Lee's vocal range. Excellent songs. Don't listen to those who say it isn't as good as Fallen, it is. It's amazing that she was able to produce such a strong second album especially since she lost two band members. I loved "Fallen" so much that I would play it over and over again without getting sick of it and I'm doing the same with "Open Door."


  1. Pamela said...
    I haven't abandoned this blog either

    michele said...
    Thank you, you may be one of the few who hasn't :-)
    Moonshadow said...
    with a very nice inscription

    It was as if he knew you ... without me giving any hints. I was just concerned about him getting your name right! :-)

    If you search my blog for his surname, you'll see some of my reactions to his class.

    The thing about Rev. 3:5 is that I think a non-Calvinist can affirm that passage as well, without difficulty.

    I mean, I agree with Beale that the inverse of the promise - a curse, thereby? - is not a "logically necessary inference."

    If I remember properly, this was my objection to Pitchford's article over the summer ... that his reason made him say unnecessary things.

    But my mild objection gave way to major amusement over his assumption that I thought myself right in my Christology and thought him wrong in his. Because, of course, if he hadn't been an interloper, he would have known that I never think I'm right! I merely hope I'm right ... and I was quite willing to examine my philosophically-influenced Christology in light of his purely-biblical article.
    michele said...
    You mean you didn't mentioned my love of Scriptures to him? That's funny!
    John Dekker said...
    I remember Prof. Green on Genesis! I visited Westminster several years ago, and because I'm Australian, they said "You have to meet Douglas Green". So I sat in on a lecture on Genesis 1. Must have been the same lecture.

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