Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hey! Time for an update on what's going on in my life

So, I think I did better on this last Hebrew test! Yeah, me! I at least recognized more of the words. So that's always a good sign :-)

I'm preparing for my midterm in Gospels, it will be on the history of the criticism of the Gospels. I was thinking about a way to write something to post here and I think I figured it out. I won't be giving a long detailed explanation of each stage, I think there is more value in looking at the big picture, instead of each individual piece. So much of these views are still with us today and there is a value for us in seeing that they have been discarded and picked back up again, time after time. There is nothing new under the sun. The same problems that caused them to be discarded are still plaguing them today. But we have to be aware of them, to recognize them and to be able to combat them.

In other news, Samantha has been out of school the last couple of days because she had a sore throat. I had to take her to school with me today, so I bought her a new DVD and a milkshake at Chick-fil-a to make it less of a burden. It's hard being a mom and a seminarian, I wouldn't have gone to school today except that the professor was going to summarize the material that we had been going over the last month and talk about what was going to be on the midterm. She was in recovery mode anyway and I kept her home today because she had a low grade fever last night.

BTW, if you haven't had their milkshake, go get one now! They are sooooo good! They are way too big and have whipped cream and a cherry on top. Click on the above link and you can see what I'm talking about. Anyway, I got her a kid's meal and I asked if she could have a milkshake with it, thinking she would get a kid's size cup and they gave her an adult size milkshake which is way to big for adults. She didn't drink it all but I drank all of mine and regret it now.

Doug was away overnight and came back sick, he's sitting here coughing and sneezing and wants to take two different pills because together they covered all his symptoms. I told him not to do it in case there was an overlap of ingredients. He wisely heeded my advice. This is why married men live longer than single men :-)

OK, off to work on my Bible study for tomorrow. After all of the tests next week (a midterm and a Greek quiz), you can look for my Bible study notes. Until then, I'll post the chapter 3 questions. Maybe I'll make a couple multiple choice.

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  1. lori said...
    Thanks for the update! I'll be praying for your husband to get well quickly. I'll pray for you to not get sick. You are a busy lady with lots to do. I'm sure you can't afford to get sick.
    Carrie said...
    Nice Technorati tags.

    Sorry everyone is sick. Take care of yourself so you don't catch it also!

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