Sunday, October 15, 2006

Earthquake hits Hawaii

Not a good time for my in-laws to be on vacation in Hawaii:

A strong earthquake shook Hawaii early Sunday, causing a landslide that blocked a major highway on Hawaii Island and knocking out power across the state, authorities said. Gov. Linda Lingle issued a disaster declaration for the entire state.


The Pacific Tsunami Center reported a preliminary magnitude of 6.5, while the U.S. Geological Survey gave a preliminary magnitude of 6.6. It was followed by several strong aftershocks, including one measuring a magnitude of 5.8, the Geological Survey said.

Also, please join me in praying that Kailani will get her power restored quickly.


  1. Pamela said...
    amen to that
    kailani said...
    Did you get a chance to talk to them? It must be awful to be on vacation during a natural disater. I hope they were able to get food and water.

    Thanks again for the kind thoughts.
    michele said...
    My sister-in-law talked to them. They are fine. I'm glad you made it back online :-)

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