Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bombed my Greek and Hebrew quizzes

They were hard! My Gospels professor used fragments of sentences so you didn't have much context. Those are the hardest to translate. And it was hard to study for two tests in two different languages (excuses, excuses). I wasn't the only one who struggled, the guy sitting next to me told me that he didn't even turn his test in.

My OTHT professor gave us a verse that I struggled with when preparing for the test. I knew he would but I still had trouble with the verse. I didn't translate it properly.

One bit of good news though, I found out that the professor is going to drop the lowest quiz score. I think that would be this one (I at least hope so).

Another bit of good news, I think I've decided on what passage I'm going to use for my exegetical paper, the unjust judge passage. It should be interesting.

And could you please continue to pray for my cousin's family? Especially his mom, this has hit her hard! My dad told me she could even talk to anyone. The funeral is tomorrow, please pray that she will be able to make it through the service.


  1. Mike Y said...
    Sorry to hear about your quizzes. That can be very dificult when you don't know the context. Did you even know the books or chapters?

    What was the difficult part for you? If you don't mind me asking.
    michele said...
    I didn't know the verbs and there were three in the passage. I knew it was from Matthew 8 or 9.

    There were so many verbs to memorize that I couldn't memorize them all. I've changed my strategy for the next quiz, I'm only memorizing the verbs at first, then the nouns. I'll let you know if it works.
    Pamela said...
    I just want to say be strong and of good cheer

    and don't be so hard on yourself either.
    Most of us can't even get our native language verbs do, done, did, correctly.
    michele said...
    Thanks Pamela, I'm ok. I'm not beating myself up too much over it (just enough to get motivated to do better).
    Kevin Stilley said...
    i hate verbs. . . i mean, i really hate verbs in all their conjugations; moods, tenses, voice, aspect, everything.
    Robin said...
    I cannot imagine the load you're carrying. Cannot. You inspire me just for being at this stage in life and doing ALL the things you're doing.

    It's been a while since I've visited...and I bounced over to tell ya my site has FINALLY been redesigned--wahoooo! It feels like "me". Susie and Jules worked on it together, and I have to say, having a "home of my own" is nice.

    I felt for the loss in your family :(. And, yes, I'll pray when I "hang up" from here. And, friend, for you in general; these can't be easy times for you.
    Moonshadow said...
    the guy sitting next to me told me that he didn't even turn his test in.

    That's just pride.

    'Though I was similarly tempted way, way back, over a quiz in my formal methods class that I almost didn't turn in ... the humility and foolish optimism that are so tightly coupled within me prevailed. I probably got a '0' on that one! Formal methods with Dr. Serafino Amoroso - did you ever have him? - was my worst class and I loved the subject matter so much!

    So, do it for the love of it because it's learning for the lifetime ... for your life ( ζωη ).

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