Monday, October 30, 2006

Poor Samantha!

Samantha was going to play video games today when she got home from school and she leaned on the cabinet to look for the games and the TV fell and hit her on the head! Thank the Lord she's OK but she's really upset because she broke the TV.

She keeps wanting me to punish her because she feels bad. She's in shock that I'm not mad at her. I keep telling her that it's not her vault but it doesn't seem to help. I'm just thankful she's OK and didn't get hurt.

We had an old 13-inch that we'll be watching until my husband buys a new one. It seems so small after having a 28-inch screen TV. Lesson of the day: enjoy your toys while you have them, one day they could be taken away :-( and make sure to keep your kids away for the TV cabinet unless you're sure it's sturdy.

Updated: My husband is the man! He was able to fix the TV. Yeah! But now he's bummed because he priced out a flat panel TV and won't be getting one.

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Evidently I'm not plugging the WTS bookstore enough

One of my classmates who works in the bookstore tells me that I don't plug the bookstore enough on my blog, so here it is. Go to the WTS bookstore and buy something! Please! I'll even make some suggestions, The Goldsworthy Trilogy, Unfolding Mystery: Discovering Christ in the Old Testament, Christianity and Liberalism or American's God

Sunday, October 29, 2006

More on Firefox 2.0

One thing that is a huge improvement over the old version is the recovery feature. With the old version of Firefox, if you had a problem with one of the windows, all of the open windows would shut down. You would lose everything you were working on. I've lost many posts this way. Now, with this new version, it will recover all of your windows if you want it to. This has already saved me one post and a lot of research I was doing on multiple posts. Very helpful feature.

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks #18 A Fall Feast

The Carnival is up.


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Firefox 2.0

I downloaded Firefox 2.0 last night and I'm really happy so far. I found out that it does the most amazing thing. What's the one thing that would be really nice to have when you are leaving a comment on someone's blog or on your own blog? A spell checker!!! Yes, it red lines spelling mistakes when you are in the comment editor and in the post editor. Red lining spelling mistakes is so much better than having to use a spell checker since it's so easy to forget to hit the spell checker before posting. With red lining, you know immediately when you've misspelled the word.

It also is much faster than the old Firefox and when you click on a link, it opens it in a new tab and not a new window. I think they have made it a much better browser.

Download it here.

Updated to add: This is even better than I thought because it's spell checking everything. All input fields - so now I have spelling checking on Gmail chats and when I compose an email and even when I edit my template. What are you waiting for? Go get it!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Carnival of the Blogging Chicks #17 Mistakes

The Carnival is up at Dreaming What Ifs..., the theme is mistakes. I didn't enter this week's Carnival because it's not a topic that I can relate to, I don't make any interesting or blog worthy mistakes and even if I did, I would never admit to making them, especially not publicly :-)


I haven't abandoned this blog

Though it would seem that I have. I've been very busy with Greek and Hebrew, my Revelation Bible study and Reformed Chicks Blabbing. I've been doing a lot of political blogging because of all that is going on leading up to the election.

I love my classes and have been really interested in the lecture material so it's been a great semester so far. I've decided not to worry about the grades and just enjoy the classes and be blessed by learning so much about the word of God. This week we got into the theology of the Gospels and in my OT class, Professor Green, just completed an overview of the Pentateuch and started a more indepth look at Genesis. So indepth that we spent some time looking at Genesis 1:1 (in Hebrew) on Tuesday. We examined the question, is Genesis 1:1 a summary statement about creation or a statement about God creating? What's interesting, is that there is no other place in the Genesis account where the earth is said to have been created. I thought it was a summary statement and still do, though I understand why the professor didn't.

I do intend to post the notes for the Revelation Bible study and there is something interesting I learned in my OT class this week that I wanted to share (it's on Romans 2). I will try to get to it tomorrow, if I can finish preparing for my Greek and Hebrew tests that I will be having this week. Yes, I am once again going to be tested for both languages on the same day.

The Revelation study is going well, even though the group is very small. I'm enjoying being forced to study it :-) It is a wonderful book and it is so rich. I highly recommend the Beale commentary, he has been so helpful on the problem verses, like 3:5 where Jesus says that he wouldn't blot out the name of those who overcome. This can be a very difficult verse because if we believe that the Jesus is saying that he would blot out the name of those who weren't conquerors then we have a contradiction with Ephesians chapter 1. More on this when I post my notes for chapter 3 (which should be a couple months at this rate :-)

I received a very nice present from a very thoughtful person (thanks, Moonshadow). It's an introduction to the Old Testament. Reading the Old Testament by Lawrence Boadt. And it's autographed, with a very nice inscription about God blessing me "richly" in my love of the Scriptures. He already has :-) I will let you know what I think, at least about the Pentateuch section which is all I'll probably have time for.

BTW, I highly recommend The Modern Search for the Real Jesus by Robert B. Strimple. It is an excellent survey of the quests (there were three distinct types of quest) for the historical Jesus over the last couple hundred years. It gives you just enough information about each scholar and helps you to understand where they fit in the history and how they were influenced by the scholars who came before them and how they influenced those who came after them.

And while I'm recommending stuff, the new Evanescence CD is excellent. It is just as good as the first and I love every song on it especially "Call Me When You're Sober" (which I sing at the top of my lungs while I'm driving)and "Good Enough" which really demonstrates Lee's vocal range. Excellent songs. Don't listen to those who say it isn't as good as Fallen, it is. It's amazing that she was able to produce such a strong second album especially since she lost two band members. I loved "Fallen" so much that I would play it over and over again without getting sick of it and I'm doing the same with "Open Door."

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Midterm is History

Well, I took my midterm yesterday but didn't do too well. I was in a bad mood for a couple hours then decided that I would just have to live with it and study harder for the final. Also, I have to get going on my exegesis paper. One bit of good news, the professor had scheduled a Greek quiz for tomorrow but that was pushed back until next week. So, I get a break this week. The bad news is that I have a Hebrew quiz that day as well.

While studying for my midterm, I read this paper. I was pleased to see that it was online so that you could read it too. It's a paper by Kenneth E. Bailey on oral traditions in the Middle East. He makes the case that if the Bible had been transmitted orally, we could be assured of it's reliability based on the oral tradition found in the Middle East. Bailey was a missionary to the Bedouins.

This story was missing from the online version. It's an example of the flexibility that is evident in oral tradition (it's under the title "Some Flexibility"):

Wafaqa Shanon Tabaqah is reported in Mujammaa Al- Alamthal ( The
Collection of Proverbs) by Al-Maidani . The story goes like this. Chan,
a clever young man was traveling in search of a wife that suits him. In
his journey he would meet an old man and escort him . Shan asks the old
man "do you like to carry me, or do you like me to carry you?" "you
are so ignorant, we are both riding our own horses" the old man
exclaims. Shan is quiet. They reach a field with ripen harvest, "has
this crop been eaten yet" asks Shan. "you are so ignorant. How could
this crop be eaten while it is still in the ground? Shan is quiet. They
continue their trip. They pass by a funeral "is that corpse dead or
alive?"” Shan asks. "You are so ignorant. It is a corpse and you wonder
if it is still alive"” Shan is quiet. When they reached the house of
the old man he would invite Shan over. The old man has a pretty
daughter and he would complain to he from the stupidity of his friend.
Tabaqah, which was the name of the young lady explains to her father
all Shan's questions. He would go back to him and tell him "look I
understand all your questions. In the first one you meant if I would
rather entertain you or you entertain me so the road would be shorter
and our journey less boring. And in your question about the crop you
wondered if the farmr who owns that feild had already arrnged the sail
of his crop and ate from the pre-paid price. And if the dead person had
left children so his/her memory will continue to be alive in them."

Shan, "Impressive though this understanding is not from you, some one
told this."

The old man "yes that is Tabaqah my daughter."

Shan thought that is it. This youg lady is his perfect match and his
future wife and they ended up marrying.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Earthquake hits Hawaii

Not a good time for my in-laws to be on vacation in Hawaii:

A strong earthquake shook Hawaii early Sunday, causing a landslide that blocked a major highway on Hawaii Island and knocking out power across the state, authorities said. Gov. Linda Lingle issued a disaster declaration for the entire state.


The Pacific Tsunami Center reported a preliminary magnitude of 6.5, while the U.S. Geological Survey gave a preliminary magnitude of 6.6. It was followed by several strong aftershocks, including one measuring a magnitude of 5.8, the Geological Survey said.

Also, please join me in praying that Kailani will get her power restored quickly.

Revelation Chapter 3 Questions

1. (v. 1) Why do you think that the letter to Sardis begins this way? Read the whole passage (vv. 1-6) before you answer.
2. (v. 1) What do you think it means that they have a reputation of being alive but they are dead?
3. (v. 3) What does this passage sound like to you?
4. (v. 4) What do you think it means that they are worthy to walk with Jesus in white?
5. (v. 5) What does Jesus mean by blotting out the name from the book of life? Does this sound like Jesus is implying that those who don’t overcome will have their name blotted from the book of life? How do we read this verse in light of Revelation 13:8, 20:15, 21:27 and Ephesians 1:3-14?
6. (v. 7) Why do you think that the letter to Sardis begins this way? Read the whole passage (vv. 8-13) before you answer. What does it mean that Jesus has the key of David (Isaiah 22)?
7. (v. 8) What does it mean that Jesus has set an open door for the church?
8. (v. 9) Do you think this is in reference to the consummation at the end of time or in reference to their time?
9. (v. 10) What do you think Jesus meant by “the hour of trial that is coming on the whole earth?”
10. (v. 11) What do you think that Jesus meant by “soon?” Especially since we are almost 2,000 years later and still counting.
11. (v. 14) Why do you think that the letter to Sardis begins this way? Read the whole passage (vv. 15-22) before you answer.
12. (vv. 15-17) What do you think Jesus is talking about here? Do you think that Jesus could make the same charge about our church? About you?
13. (v. 18) What does it mean to buy gold, salve, and white garments from Jesus? How do we do that?
14. (v. 20) What door is Jesus standing at?
15. (v. 21) What do you think it means to sit with Christ on His throne?
16 Reread the chapter and your answers, what have you learned about God from this passage and what is expected of you? Do you think you are prepared to meet that expectation?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hey! Time for an update on what's going on in my life

So, I think I did better on this last Hebrew test! Yeah, me! I at least recognized more of the words. So that's always a good sign :-)

I'm preparing for my midterm in Gospels, it will be on the history of the criticism of the Gospels. I was thinking about a way to write something to post here and I think I figured it out. I won't be giving a long detailed explanation of each stage, I think there is more value in looking at the big picture, instead of each individual piece. So much of these views are still with us today and there is a value for us in seeing that they have been discarded and picked back up again, time after time. There is nothing new under the sun. The same problems that caused them to be discarded are still plaguing them today. But we have to be aware of them, to recognize them and to be able to combat them.

In other news, Samantha has been out of school the last couple of days because she had a sore throat. I had to take her to school with me today, so I bought her a new DVD and a milkshake at Chick-fil-a to make it less of a burden. It's hard being a mom and a seminarian, I wouldn't have gone to school today except that the professor was going to summarize the material that we had been going over the last month and talk about what was going to be on the midterm. She was in recovery mode anyway and I kept her home today because she had a low grade fever last night.

BTW, if you haven't had their milkshake, go get one now! They are sooooo good! They are way too big and have whipped cream and a cherry on top. Click on the above link and you can see what I'm talking about. Anyway, I got her a kid's meal and I asked if she could have a milkshake with it, thinking she would get a kid's size cup and they gave her an adult size milkshake which is way to big for adults. She didn't drink it all but I drank all of mine and regret it now.

Doug was away overnight and came back sick, he's sitting here coughing and sneezing and wants to take two different pills because together they covered all his symptoms. I told him not to do it in case there was an overlap of ingredients. He wisely heeded my advice. This is why married men live longer than single men :-)

OK, off to work on my Bible study for tomorrow. After all of the tests next week (a midterm and a Greek quiz), you can look for my Bible study notes. Until then, I'll post the chapter 3 questions. Maybe I'll make a couple multiple choice.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Revelation Chapter 2 Questions

  1. (v. 1) Why do you think that the letter to Ephesus begins with this opening? Read the whole passage (vv. 1-7) before you answer.

  1. (vv. 2-3) How do you think that knowing that Christ knew of their “patient endurance” affected them?

  1. (vv. 4-5) What do you think that Christ meant that they had abandoned their first love? And what do you think that they are no longer doing that they did at first?

  1. (v. 5) What do you think it means that Christ will remove their lampstand? Remember what the lampstand signifies before you answer this question.

  1. (v. 7) Think about Genesis 1-3, what do you think the tree of life signifies?

  1. (v. 8) Why do you think that the letter to Smyrna begins this way? Read the whole passage (vv. 9-11) before you answer.

  1. (v. 9-11) What do you think is meant by the “synagogue of Satan?” What do you learn about Satan’s involvement from this passage?

  1. (v. 11) What is the second death?

  1. (v. 12) Why do you think that the letter to Pergamum begins this way? Read the whole passage (vv. 12-17) before you answer.

  1. (v. 16) What do you think it means that Christ will come and war against them with the sword in his mouth?

  1. (v. 17) What do you think is meant by the “hidden manna” and the “white stone?”

  1. (v. 18) Why do you think that the letter to Thyatira begins with this opening? Read the whole passage (vv. 19-29) before you answer.

  1. (vv. 19-29) What do we learn about the situation in Thyatira in this passage? What do we learn about Christ from this passage?

  1. (v. 26-27) What do you think that it means that those who conquer will rule over the nations with a rod of iron? Who are the nations?

  1. Reread the chapter. How is the vision of Christ in chapter 1 used to encourage the churches in this chapter?

  1. What do you learn from this chapter about your love of God and your service to him? Really think about this before you answer.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Christ was a Philistine?

What? Someone actually came to my blog searching for that phrase. What is that about? Does anyone know? Is there some wacky new theory about Christ? Very strange.

It comes at an interesting time because I'm actually studying Gospel criticism right now. One part of that is the quest for the historic Jesus. Very interesting stuff. I hope to write notes in preparation for my midterm next week. If I do, I'll post them.


Carnival of the Blogging Chicks #15 Fall Theme

The Carnival is up. As you can see I didn't participate this week. I'm studying for a midterm. Prayer would be nice :-)


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bombed my Greek and Hebrew quizzes

They were hard! My Gospels professor used fragments of sentences so you didn't have much context. Those are the hardest to translate. And it was hard to study for two tests in two different languages (excuses, excuses). I wasn't the only one who struggled, the guy sitting next to me told me that he didn't even turn his test in.

My OTHT professor gave us a verse that I struggled with when preparing for the test. I knew he would but I still had trouble with the verse. I didn't translate it properly.

One bit of good news though, I found out that the professor is going to drop the lowest quiz score. I think that would be this one (I at least hope so).

Another bit of good news, I think I've decided on what passage I'm going to use for my exegetical paper, the unjust judge passage. It should be interesting.

And could you please continue to pray for my cousin's family? Especially his mom, this has hit her hard! My dad told me she could even talk to anyone. The funeral is tomorrow, please pray that she will be able to make it through the service.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Death in the Family

My mother left a message on my machine last night that she had some bad news. When she calls after 10:00 and says something like that, I know someone is sick, in the hospital or has died. I think immediately that it's my grandma because she just celebrated her 89th birthday and is getting a little weaker. But it wasn't Grandma, it was one of my cousins. He died from a blood clot. Just like that, I wasn't expecting it, he wasn't sick. He was a number of years younger than me and has a wife and young daughter. He also had really great parents (wonderful, funny, loving parents) and a wonderful brother and sister who are going to miss him a lot. This is devastating news for the family, since it was so sudden and he died pretty young. I ask for prayers for them, they are going to really need them to get through this awful time.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Less Hebrew than I thought!

I had such good news in my Old Testament class this morning! I thought our quiz was going to be on Genesis 1-3 tomorrow, it turns out that it's on chapter 1 only!! Woohoo! Now, I'm ahead of the curve and have two weeks worth of translations done and less to memorize by tomorrow.

God is so good, I was feeling overwhelmed this morning at having to memorize three chapter is Genesis and two chapters in Matthew and now I only have to memorize one in Genesis and it's the easiest chapter to memorize.

Thanks for your prayers and for the kind comments about my rest on Friday. I did enjoy it and spent most of the weekend working on translating. One good thing about translating the Bible, you can watch TV or listen to the radio while doing it. You can't do that when you have to read theology books :-).


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