Monday, September 04, 2006

Yet Another Update: ESV Journaling Bible ™

In July I mentioned that I was thinking about getting the ESV Journaling Bible ™™ because it would be helpful to put extra notes in my Bible to remind me of points that I might want to use when I'm teaching Revelation this year but I was debating getting it since I have so many Bibles (the picture to the left is of some of the Bibles that we have in our house) and I generally don't read them because I usually read the Bible in Bibleworks instead (which has just about every translation know to man -- see for yourself).

But the Lord took the decision out of my hands, I was offered a Bible from a kind soul at Crossway Stephen the webmaster at Good News / Crossway with no strings attached.

I received it a couple weeks ago and was quite pleased with it. It has several nice features:

1. It looks just like a Moleskine (which, it turns out, was the idea), it has an elastic strap to keep it closed and the same hardback cover that you get with a Moleskine. I liked it the moment I saw it because I love Moleskines. Here's a picture of mine:

2. I liked the ruled lines and the wide margin, there is more than enough room to take notes.

3. I liked the elastic band so that I can shove paper in my Bible and not worry about losing it, though I really wish they had included the back pocket like they have in Moleskines. I wonder if it's been patented.

4. I like the quality of the paper, it's heavy enough that you don't have trouble turning the pages.

5. I like the size of it, even though it's a little thick which makes sense since it's made with wide margins.

Now the downside, when I first got the Bible I couldn't read it because the font was too small but in the providence of God I was scheduled for an eye doctor appointment the following week. Once I got my bifocals, I was able to read the text with no problem.

I recommend getting the Journaling Bible, especially if you love your Moleskine and if like writing in your Bible. I bet your notes will be a lot more legible with the lines than they are now.

BTW, here is the first note I put in my Journaling Bible:

It's a thought I had related to Carrie's post on the unbridled tongue. I put a note in James to remind myself that to bridle my tongue (James 3:1-12) I need to bridle my heart (Matt. 15:16-19). If I'm not thinking in a judgmental manner, then I'm not speaking in one, though that's easier said than done :-)

Updated to add: I've added the name of the kind soul who offered me the Bible.


  1. Carrie said...
    Did I tell you I got one? I can't remember if I did or not.

    Anyway, the only downfall is the font size. I don't have problems with reading yet, but the small font still bugs me a bit.

    I'll put a note in James also reminding me to remind you to watch your tongue :)
    michele said...
    I think you might have mentioned that you were getting one. What notes did you put in your margin? Can you believe that was my only note so far? I have a problem writing stuff at first.
    Anonymous said...
    I love mine! (although I keep a pair of reading glasses in my Bible case).
    Moonshadow said...
    I hope the Precious Moments edition is for comic relief.

    And that New Inductive Study Bible looks more worn than it should be. I know, you use it for its NASB and nothing more.

    You don't want to start comparing piles, do you? I buy that many in two years' time.

    I can't make out the one below the lower ESV, nor the one below the Hebrew edition, nor the white one, nor the two on top.

    I don't write in my bibles, so I'll wait for the ESV Study edition, though I have Sproul's whose notes aren't much different from Zondervan's Spirit of the Reformation.

    Enjoy it!
    Carrie said...
    What notes did you put in your margin?

    None! I took it to church for the first time on Sunday and there was nothing noteworthy.

    My intention is to use it for church and study group mostly. For regular reading I like my Macarthur NASB study bible.
    FzxGkJssFrk said...
    I'm a big fan of the pocket-size Moleskine. Actually that reminds me that I just filled up my first one and need to get a new one.
    Moonshadow said...
    I remember getting my husband some of those moleskines a few Christmases ago when they first came out ... very difficult to find at the time, but I did. Now they are everywhere, very popular, everyone has 'em.

    YOU KNOW ... offers the journaling Bible at an excellent price.
    michele said...
    Yes, and I probably should have linked to it in this post.

    I just got my moleskines for my classes. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.

    BTW, the Precious Moments was Samantha's and one of them is a beat up edition of the KJV, that one was Sarah's Bible for school. This is the Bibles we had in the house, not just mine :-) Sarah got the Life Application Bible from church when she completed catechism class.

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