Saturday, September 23, 2006

Where have I been? In my car of course!

So, yesterday I thought, "I better get going and write my Revelation Bible study!" Yes, I know it was a little late and yes, I know that I should have started it weeks ago but I've been feeling particularly lazy lately. Half way into writing it, I get a really bad sinus headache and I sleepy. Oh no! What am I going to do?

"Honey, I'm tried and I've got a headache. Could you take the kids to school in the morning so I can finish my Bible study?"

And in an act of love, my husband agrees to take the kids to school on his day off. He said that he was thinking about doing it anyway. Is it any wonder that I love him? Who wouldn't love a guy like that? Too bad he will never know about my public declaration of love (he doesn't read this blog, he prefers Reformed Chicks).

So, I got up at 5:30, wrote as fast as I could :-) and finished in time. But I lost my keys and got there late. My teaching skills are a little rusty, I haven't taught since last December. But I got through it.

After the study, I went to the bank to close out my daughters' savings accounts and then went to lunch with Doug and had really bad Chinese buffet. Then I went to pick up the girls, went food shopping and as we were about to leave the store the girls asked for a movie from the DVD machine (Samantha wanted Shaggy Dog and Sarah wanted Hoot). I pull out my charge card and notice that my license is gone, so I go home, call the bank and found out that I forget to get the license back when I closed out the accounts. So, it's back in the car, driving in rush hour traffic, wait in line at the drive through window to pick up the license, drive back home in rush hour traffic, stop at the grocery store again to pick up stuff my husband forgot to tell me he wanted and then home to cook dinner. Just your typical day.

I hope to whip my Revelation introduction into shape to post on the Internet some time today.


  1. Carrie said...
    Looking forward to the Revelation Intro!
    Mike Y said...
    Wow! What a hectic sounding day ;)

    Should be a great study and I'm looking forward to it. And we just got Hoot in yesterday and watched it courtesy of Netflix. It was cute.

    Have a great weekend.
    Pamela said...
    (Hey... you DO do some normal stuff other than translate Greek and understand the Old Testament!)
    michele said...
    Pamela, yeah I even occasionally wash the dishes and cook, too :-)

    Mike, this is typical of what my days look like.

    And Carrie, thanks!
    Moonshadow said...
    Sorry that I missed the study yesterday, but you knew that I would. And next Friday too. I hope that materials appear at the Yahoo! group.

    Not being there carried mixed emotions for me: on the one hand, I don't want to miss anything that you may have, but on the other hand, I am happy to spare myself the pain of watching you get back into "the swing" of teaching. All the more if the material wasn't quite there either.

    I mean, your blogging is transparent (a compliment) so .... I confess that I have been lax in my prayer for you, 'though I did a little on Thursday morning. Not changing the start time to 9:30 affords me more opportunity to pray for you beforehand! But change it for Alison's sake, not mine, that's ok.

    How ridiculous that the bank staff let you leave w/o your driver's license. It's enough to be mindful of my own responsibilities without needing to look over the shoulder of every "professional" with whom I interact. If those are the kinds of mistakes they make in front of you .... what's happening in the back room? Banks are a sham.

    And thank goodness you didn't get pulled over while driving w/o your license. What's the fine now, about $400? Who needs that. Pax Christi.
    michele said...
    "All the more if the material wasn't quite there either"

    Hey! Who said that?

    And yeah, I agree with you about the bank employee, this is the second time that a bank employee from this bank has forgotten to give me my card back.

    And I drove well within the speed limit to make sure I wasn't pulled over.
    lori said...
    Your husband should read your post. It is very nice to hear the love and admiration you have for your husband.
    It truly sounds like you are a very busy lady.
    michele said...
    Yes, Lori, I do love him and believe he can be (at times :-) very sacrifical. But he still hasn't read my blog :-)
    lori said...
    My husband thinks blogging is a waste of time. For me, it is my time to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Thanks for sharing your life with us; I enjoy reading your post. I'm looking forward to your insight into the book of Revelation. I was in a study years ago before my twins were born. (Over 12 years ago) It is a hard book to study, but very fascinating.
    michele said...
    My husband is very nice about the time I take for blogging. He understands why I'm doing it and he is proud of me. He is really supportive of everything I do.

    I couldn't have gone to seminary if he wasn't as supportive as he has been.

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