Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Snake House and Veggie Tales on NBC

Did you guys see the story about the house and property that was filled with snakes? My mother would have freaked out and I probably would as well even though I'm not as grossed out by them as she is.

I thought it was really funny that they intend to keep the property so that they can try for an extreme makeover:

The Hepworths never moved in, but Lyman Hepworth's brother is still making payments, though the seller offered to refund their money when he found out about the infestation.

Their plan: They sent a videotape of the house, their children and, of course, the snakes to the producers of "Extreme Home Makeover," in hopes the television show would send its decorators in for a filmed renovation.

The video showed snakes slithering on the back porch, climbing up the foundation and a ball of snakes on the side of the home, Jeanine Hepworth said.

The couple will not find out if the show chooses their reptile refuge for a fix-up challenge until next year.
I think even with a makeover I wouldn't chance them coming back again and finding a way into the new house. Yech! It makes your skin crawl just thinking about it.

(Link via Drudge Report)

Also, I thought those of you who like Veggie Tales might be interested in the controversy surrounding the new Saturday morning broadcast on NBC. It seems that some references to God (but not all) have been removed at the request of NBC. Check out the link for details.


  1. Kevin Stilley said...
    Oh, my. I'm going to have bad dreams for sure.
    michele said...
    yes, and you might not want to watch that episode, if they do film it.

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