Saturday, September 23, 2006

Revelation Chapter One Questions

  1. (v. 1) What do you think is the “revelation of Jesus?”

  2. (v. 1) What do you think it means that God gave Jesus the revelation?

  3. (v. 3) Why do you think that those who read the book are blessed? Why do you think that was included?

  4. (v. 3) When you read that you will be blessed by the reading of this book, does that motivate you to read it? What type of blessing do you think you will receive from “hearing” and doing what is in this book?

  5. (v. 3) What do you think it means that the “time is near?”

  6. (v. 5) What do you think John means by “seven spirits?”

  7. (vv. 5-6) How would this passage help in times of persecution and struggle?

  8. (v. 6) What does it mean to be “priests to his God and Father?” How does your life reflect this priesthood?

  9. (v. 7) What do you think it meant by “those who pierced him?” (Think about what is happening in this verse before you answer.) Who are they and why would they mourn?

  10. (vv. 12-16) What strikes you the most about this description? List all the things that are symbolic in this passage and think about what they mean. How does this knowledge help you to understand what God wanted to reveal about Christ? What do you think is revealed about Christ in this passage? Read Daniel 7:9-14. What are the similarities between these two descriptions?

  11. (vv. 17-18) What does it mean that Jesus is the “first and the last?” How does this passage help the church during times of persecution? How does it help us?

  12. (v. 18) What does it mean that Jesus holds the “keys of Death and Hades?”

  13. (v. 20) How does this insight help us to understand the vision better? In other words, what does it mean to us to know that Christ is standing in the midst of the lampstands? How does this knowledge empower a Christian who is faced with persecution? Hoes does it empower us?

  14. Go back and reread the chapter, what is your impression of this chapter? What do you learn about Christ from it and what do you learn about the purpose for this book?


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