Tuesday, September 19, 2006

R. C. Sproul's New Book

Sproul has written a three-volume guide to the Westminster Confession and volume one is on sale at Westminster for only $14.30. Here is description of what volume one contains:

This first volume (of three), covering chapters 1-8 of the confession, explains what we need to understand about Holy Scripture, God and the Trinity, his decree, creation, providence, the fall into sin, God's covenant, and Christ the Mediator. Every discussion is geared toward bringing us to a deeper knowledge of and greater love for the doctrines of grace set forth in God's Word.
And BTW, I walked into the bookstore, planning to buy Gaffin's new book for my birthday present (yes, I am a geek), and noticed that the top shelf of the New Books section was empty. Of course that's where they would put Gaffin's book but I confirmed that it was sold out anyway. Bummer, why didn't they get enough copies? They know how beloved Gaffin is and I'm sure a lot of people were waiting for it (justification is a big topic in academic circles these days, what with the New Perspective on Paul). Plus, I am sure it's going to be required reading in the Doctrines of Salvation classes.

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  1. Carrie said...
    Hey, I'm reading Chosen by God b/c I still want to be just like you when I grow up. So far I like it.

    Do you recommend the new Sproul book or is that more for the Reformed?
    e-Mom said...
    I'm a geek too. I received a nice Christmas check last year, and I bought a whole theology library! (Well, 15 volumes). Glad you're using your brain. *-)

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