Sunday, September 03, 2006

More on my trip to Phoenix

So, my husband told me in July that he was going to Phoenix at the end of August for business and I decided that I wanted to join him. He wasn't too eager for me to go because he was going to be busy for most of the trip but I didn't care, I thought it would be fun to get away for a while. I would rent a car and go to the Desert Museum in Tuscan. I had been there a number of years ago and really liked it. So, my husband used his frequent flyer miles to get me a round trip ticket (he had to use extra points to get me a ticket, which I heard about quite a few times on the trip :-).

When we arrived we didn't rent a car and had to wait for a shuttle to take us to the hotel (which was a good thing because I was told by the car rental guy that if we had rented a car at the airport, we would have to pay 50% tax on the car, 50%! But since I rented the car in town instead, the tax was only 25%).

We stayed at The Buttes which is a really beautiful hotel:
As you can see from the picture, it's built around a mountain and used the rocks from the mountain in it's design. Here is a shot from the rear:

There are two pools that connect under a bridge:

They even have an outdoor bar that they keep misted all day:

They misted the front of the hotel, as well:

Misting is pretty big in Phoenix. I even saw a Starbucks that misted.

There was a bridge to our room:

This was the view from the hotel:

Here is a beautiful sunset we saw on my last night there:

Here is a shot of one of the hotel's restaurants, Top of the Rock, it was the expensive restaurant, very expense:

This was my meal:

The tall things are mashed potatoes.

This was my favorite place to have breakfast at the hotel:

I really missed staying at the Hampton Inn because it cost me $15 to have breakfast, though it was very good. I usually had French toast and sausage.

I spent the weekend in our hotel room on the Internet (I had to pay for Internet and I was too happy about it) while Doug worked but by Monday I was ready to go and I rented a car and headed for Tuscan. I thought that there wouldn't be too much between Tuscan and Phoenix but I was wrong! There was a huge Walmart and at least two Crackle Barrels, gas stations, outlets and strip malls. And even a prison.

I love the Desert Museum because it's not too big and it's a great place to see both the local animals and the local plants. Plus I love the Hummingbird exhibit. Here are some of the shots from the Desert Museum:

After I left the Hummingbird building, I almost stepped on this:

On Tuesday, Doug and I went to Sedona:

In Sedona, I almost bought a T-shirt that had been dyed with the red dirt

Then we drove around downtown Phoenix:

On Wednesday, I went shopping in Scottsdale:

I parked my car and walked around Old Tuscan until I realized it was way too hot to walk around at 2:00 in the afternoon. I decided to grab a milkshake at Sonic and head back to the hotel and start packing for my return flight the next day.

Phoenix is a wonderful place to visit, even in the heat. It was over 100 degrees the entire time I was sightseeing but it's dry heat so it isn't so bad :-). In NJ, if it was over 100 degrees, I wouldn't be able to breath because of the humidity but in Phoenix, I could.

One great thing about going to Phoenix in August, bargains! August is their off season so I got half off all the silver jewelry I bought! So, I bought myself and early birthday present, it saves Doug from having to go shopping. Plus I spent less on the guilt buying I did for my daughters :-)

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  1. Jennifer said...
    Great trip! Great pictures. Too bad about the internet. . . .
    Karmyn R said...
    Looked like an AWESOME well-deserved trip to me!!! Guilt-buying? no sir - that was a well-deserved shopping trip!! hee hee

    Welcome back~
    fin said...
    What a beautiful sunset!
    lori said...
    I am glad you were able to go with your husband. My husband went on a business trip to Chicago in May. My daughter-in-law watched my children so I could go with him. It was so wonderful. I love my children very much, but I have to say I loved just being by myself all day. At night my husband and I tried many different restaurants. He would meet me for lunch each day. It was wonderful
    michele said...
    It's great to realize that you're going to be ok when the kids leave the house and you're all alone with this guy. Now our lives are so wrapped up in the kids that it's good every once in a while to step back and realize that won't always be the case.
    Malissa said...
    looks like a wonderful trip!
    My mom grew up in New Mexico and I remember taking vacations out west when I was little!

    Great photos--my son calls cacti (?) cucumbers;)!
    Pamela said...
    gorgeous ....
    Moonshadow said...
    Were you able to visit inside the Old Adobe Mission?

    Or St. Mary's?

    Thanks for sharing your photos.
    michele said...
    No, I didn't. We did go in St. Mary's parking garage though :-)
    Giraffe said...
    Loved your pictures! Looks like a good place to visit someday.
    Glad you had a good time on your excursions.
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