Friday, September 01, 2006

I was in Phoenix

So, I just got back from Phoenix. I left last Friday and returned tonight. I was a nervous wreak on Friday and felt like throwing up all day but by the time the plane taxied and prepared for takeoff I was fine and my return flight was not so bad.

I am happy to report that they are being thorough in making sure that middle age Christian women aren't smuggling any water or anything else on the planes. Not only was my stuff x-rayed but I was pulled over for a random search as well, which meant all the contents of my purse and laptop bag were searched by hand. But I have to say they were quick and efficient. At both Newark and Phoenix the security screening was not that bad, the people were friendly and helpful, making sure people get through the line quickly.

The flight wasn't so pleasant though, I haven't flown in years and I was shocked at how overcrowded the planes have gotten. It felt like a flying bus. Going to the bathroom was a chore because the aisle isn't designed for two people. My personal space was violated more than once, yech!

On the way to Phoenix I sat in the window seat and Doug sat next to me (he gave up the window seat for me, isn't he wonderful) and there was this twenty something businessman sitting next to him. The poor kid thought he was going to sleep on the flight. Ha! Don't sit on the aisle seat if you want to sleep, especially when there is a middle age woman who had a cup of tea before she boarded the plane and suffers from a nervous bladder. We had to shout and Doug had to nudge him to wake him up. He was pretty annoyed but I was so not apologetic, sorry but if you are sitting in the aisle, you will have to get up to let your seat mates go to the bathroom. It's just a fact of life.


  1. Anonymous said...
    I traveled last week and this week (I had a 3 hour layover at O'Hare and left the airport for dinner with my sister-in-laws).

    It was the fastest I ever got through security - everybody is checking everything.

    I did pack my purse so that everything was in clear makeup bags so if I did get searched I could just pull out the bags.

    Pamela said...
    Irritable bladder....
    (caused probably by nerves)

    I apologize (even though it wasn't me)
    lori said...
    I am grateful that God protected you. I remember reading your post about flying a few weeks ago. That is when my daughter was flying to Florida. Welcome home. I enjoy visiting your blogs.
    michele said...
    Thank you Lori, I'm grateful to God too!

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