Sunday, September 24, 2006

Being Five Comic Strip

Go check out this cute comic strip. It's about "a kid who blogs using voice recognition software." Isn't that right up our alley? Kids and blogging all in one strip. It's well-written and understandable (unlike some of today's comic strips) and pretty amusing. There's even cute merchandise.


  1. Pamela said...
    I just wanna stay home and read blogs.

    Could I get a job just reading blogs? Know of any?

    michele said...
    I don't but if you find one, let me know :-)
    DK said...
    Great comic - thanks for sharing! Just visiting other Blogging Chicks this am and found you. I have 2 new blogs -

    A Flyover Blog

    Finding Your Path
    (this one's with my hubby)

    Stop by any time you're in the neighborhood!
    Have a wonderful week...
    e-Mom said...
    Very cute! I've bookmarked it. I especially like the joke about "little gray lies." *-)
    michele said...
    Yeah, I liked that one too. Pretty cute.

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