Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I finished comeback and when I stop procrastinating, I will review it. It was a great book, so don't wait for my review, go buy it. It is a book that got me thinking and I know it will be with me for a very long time. I kind of don't like books like that because there are reasons it will stay with me that I might want to walk away from but can't, more on that later.

I was going to write something on freedom in Christ for the Christian Carnival but I can't get my brain to think and write, so there you go. Maybe I'll think about it for a couple days and something will come.

Carrie is still fighting the Reformation on her blog and it seems that her opponents had to call out for reinforcements on a message board. I threw in a comment or two and one of the commenters thought I was a guy. Do you think my baby picture looks like a boy? I always thought I looked like a girl. Now I'm a little bummed.


  1. Katy Sammons said...
    I looked at the review on Amazon, and it looks like this book may be a hard one to get through. I've never heard of it. May be a good one for our book group. Thanks.

    By the way, I tagged you for a books meme. It doesn't require too many brain cells. You can do it!!! :-)
    Collin Brendemuehl said...
    Nice stuff. Thanks.
    I'm 50 and looking (finally) @ TEDS for grad school this Fall. But it's nothing like having little ones around. Enjoy.


    Carrie said...
    It feels more like the Inquisition to me :)

    I think you look like a girl baby, but babies seem to confuse people. I remember being in a restaurant once with my daughter when she was about 2 months old. There she was sitting in her all PINK outfit and someone walked up and asked if she was a girl or boy.

    So don't feel so bad about your pic!
    Robin said...
    I thought your pic was adorable, but that reminds me of when Rachel was a baby, dressed head to toe in PINK, and people would still remark about how cute HE was >:( (lol).

    In fact, WHENEVER I FINALLY REDESIGN MY BLOG, I considered looking for a baby pic, too :).

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