Monday, August 14, 2006

My Trip to Westminster

I drove to Westminster yesterday to buy the books I need for the fall. I had forgotten how long of a drive it is. See not too many:

Woohoo! Last semester, I was drowning with all the reading and this semester there isn't too much. (But that doesn't mean I won't be overwhelmed with work, I'm sure the professors will be making up for this with papers and language exams, pray for me!) I didn't buy all the books that we are supposed to read because the amount that I have to read might not be worth it. I might just read them at the library.

I'm looking forward to reading my books because they all look so interesting. I'll let you know which ones I'd recommend. So far, The Drama of Scriptures looks like the most interesting, so I started reading that one first. I hope to write a review when I'm done.

While I was at the bookstore, I noticed that my Old Testament Theology professor, Dr. Peter Enns, has written a Bible study. It looks like it would be a good Bible study for a small group study. It's a study of Genesis:
"In the beginning..." These familiar words open the Book of Genesis and give voice to one of the foundational stories of the entire Old Testament. This short-term DISCIPLE Bible Study is an invitation to see Genesis not simply as a story about the beginning (Creation), but as a book about beginnings. From Adam and Eve to Noah to Abraham, Genesis recounts God's persistence in "starting over" with the chosen people. It is a message both timeless and timely – for God's people still seek the assurance that God is always working to make right what went wrong "in the beginning."
After I purchased my books, I remembered that I needed to get my tests fromlast semesterr. It turns out the grade on the test and the paper for my hermeneutics class wasn't as bad as I thought they were going to be. I got a B on the test and a B- on the paper. I was missing some parts that the professor was expecting but the things he was looking for weren't things I was thinking about, so I'm not sure I would have done any better.

Updated: Oh My Heck, I can't believe my spelling mistakes. I forgot to do spell check and I'm not sure why I thought semester should have an "n."


  1. Kevin Stilley said...
    It looks like you have some interesting textbooks. I hate it when a professor assigns a book that in which you fall asleep 10 times on every page. Best wishes for a great semester.
    Pamela said...
    Our home group just finished doing a study on Genesis. I'm embarassed to say I can't remember who the author is. I don't think it was that book.

    I got side-tracked by the fact that Sarah was 90 years old and she was so beautiful that Abraham lied about her being his wife. He was afraid he would be killed.

    Had you ever thought about that. Ninety years old and a real hotty!

    ha ha haa.. sorry, I'm just laughing about it still.
    Carrie said...
    Hey, I was thinking of you last night while I was ordering an ESV Journaling Bible along with Chosen by God.

    You asked on my 50 things if I ever got the NASB. I bought the NASB Macarthur Study Bible and love it. Lots of good notes.

    But please, no more book recommendations, I'll never read all the ones I have!
    Mike Y said...
    That's great Michele! I miss having to read real books for courses. I was just thinking about that and about all the electronic stuff I have to read. I'd trade in a heartbeat.
    Moonshadow said...
    Do you already own the Gr. - Eng. Gospels Synopsis? Probably. It's not a bad thing to have, I assure you. If only I could find mine! :-)

    I've been tempted by the NIV Application Commentary series but it looks all flash / splash. Interested in knowing whether there's any substance behind that pretty cover.

    Carrie, I hope that you like Sproul's book. For some reason, I'd rather listen to him than read him.

    Not so much a reflection on his writing vs. speaking ability, both of which are outstanding. Rather, my own projection of unflattering attitudes upon his written words gets in the way.

    This is impossible to do once I hear the confident tone of his voice. Still, I need to learn how to be comfortable reading him as well. IOW, I have not managed to finish Chosen By God even though I have started it many, many times.
    e-Mom said...
    Exciting! Always a thrill to have new books. I received some gift money recently, so I promply ordered several (used, where possible) books through amazon. Can hardly wait to dive in. Enjoy your semester.
    Moonshadow said...
    You know, amazon's used books are really very good. I've been happy with them so far. That Pauline Parallels book, michele (have you forgotten? I haven't) was used, well, and out of print.

    The only thing to watch for is if there is a newer edition of a book and folks are dumping the older editions.

    That happened to me with the BAGD lexicon - a reference book that's just too dang expensive no matter what!
    lori said...
    You seem like a very together woman! You tackle classes at Westminster; you’re a wife, mother and a great blogger. My hat goes off to you!
    Best wishes for a great semester.
    michele said...
    Thanks but I'm not as together as people might think I am :-)

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