Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Internet Problems

I'm having Internet problems, for some reason the connection is really slow. It's driving me nuts. I really think I'm addicted to the Internet and can't stand it if I can't get on when I want to. Having DSL has spoiled me for slow connections.

But I've put my down time to good use by reading a book, Snow Blind, by P. J. Tracy which is the pen name of a mother/daughter writing team. I noticed it by accident on the shelf of the library yesterday. Sarah was out of books and asked if I could take her to the library. I had decided not to look for any books because I should be reading my textbooks in preparation for seminary but when I was walking past the new book shelf, I noticed it. I really liked the previous books so I decided to check it out. The good thing is that it's really a quick read. I started it this morning at 3:30 am (I read it for an hour) and then picked it back up when I got up and read for a couple hours and now I'm almost halfway done. If you haven't read this series and you like police and technology type suspense novels, then you probably would like this one. Start with Monkeewrench since it's the first one in the series. Though I should warn you that they're about serial killers and of course that means they are graphic (but not as bad as some I've read).



  1. Kailani said...
    It's good to know that it isn't just me. I thought maybe I needed to take my computer in for servicing or something. It's a little better today, though.
    Pamela said...
    I'm addicted.

    I need to stop for a week and just watercolor.
    michele said...
    Well, at least you're not alone!
    Carrie said...
    Ah. I knew there was a reason you hadn't stop by my blog.
    michele said...
    Carrie, I generally read blogs once or twice a week in bloglines. Sometimes more often if I think about.

    Most of my Internet reading are news sites. I'm a news junkie! :-)
    Robin said...
    Oh, my, do you try to get up at 3:30 a.m.? I took Benedryl last night (fighting something or another), and it had me wired all night long! I was too exausted to read, but it makes for some good prayer time (my mind doesn't seem to have the distractions it does during the day).

    When will you complete seminary? Are you able to take a full load when you're in class? I cannot imagine reading textbooks right now, but I've toyed with the notion of going back to school. Just too ... intimidated (?) by what it would take to get through it at this stage in life :/.
    Carrie said...
    What?! You don't read me everyday?!

    Are crazy raccoon stories better than my posts?

    Well okay, maybe they are. Never mind.
    michele said...
    Daily reading would require daily posting :-)

    And I think it's imperative to know about people who refuse to defend themselves against a threat like these raccoons. I think it's very telling about our state of readiness in case the nation has to defend itself against a stronger threat.

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