Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'm Getting Bifocals

Well, there you go, I'm getting them in a week. I went to the doctor today and my vision has gotten worse. The doctor says I have healthy eyes but this is what happens when you age. I decided to get the cheapest option possible and that was bifocals. I'm supposed to use them when I drive, when I'm on the computer and when I read. The only time I really need them right now is night driving and reading.

It took me forever to decide on frames, I have a round face and it's hard to find glasses that look good. I also like to wear lighter colors because black doesn't look good on me. I know that they are only for driving and reading and it doesn't matter what they look like but if I hate them, I won't wear them and when I said that to the optician, he told me to come back and he would work with me. But I liked the ones that I choose and think that they make me look distinguished :-)

I wish I didn't have to wait a week because I'm finding it really hard to read and I just got a new Bible (more on that later) and the print is small. Plus, I've started preparing for the fall and I need to read my Greek and Hebrew textbooks to bring my language skills up to testing speed :-( and the print is too small.

BTW, if you are interested in what a seminary student reads, here are the books for my Gospels class and here are the books for my OT history and theology class (I actually think this list isn't complete or he plans to make us translate a lot of passages). I'm looking forward to reading them because I love books about the Bible. I've already have a couple of them so I'm a little ahead of the game, plus I plan to drive over and pick up the rest. I should read the books that they have listed as 100% and I will wait and read the rest when my classes start.


  1. Tammy said...
    I'm two years younger than you and am having the same problems.
    I've not relished the idea...I guess it's a confirmation of middle age or something. But while waiting on a perscription and no family with me at the time, I found myself trying on those over the counter bifocals. One was a cool color and didn't look have bad! So I may be giving in myself this year!
    I have a hard time reading the Bible's print too. I can see great about five feet away! :)

    michele said...
    There's this really expensive alternative to bifocals -- they are progressives, there is no line separating the lenses. But they were over $300 for just the lens. I'm too cheap for that.
    Happy0303 said...
    I wear contacts but I think I'm legally blind without them. And I know that sitting in front of the computer for hours at a time is not helping!
    Pamela said...
    I have a SUGGESTION. Yes, get the bifocals... BUT, since you are going to be doing alot of reading, get a pair of prescription reading glasses, too. Just cheap frames.. nothing pretty....
    Do not attempt your studying with bifocals.

    You will be thankful that you did.

    you can sign this been there done that Ms. Now I wear trifocals.
    lori said...
    I truly thought my mom was crazy when I was in my late 20's and she said she couldn't see to read anymore with out her glasses.
    I now can't even see who is calling me on my cell-phone. My friend bought me a Bible with letters so big it is hard to carry the Bible it is so heavy. The good thing is I can read it without glasses. I have been too vain to go get them. : (
    Moonshadow said...
    My biggest embarrassment is when my kids show me something small by holding it right up to my face. I have to grab their hand and pull it out arm's length to focus!

    I should try what pamela suggests because even with my multifocal contacts, I can get headaches.

    re: the list of Gospels books: the Dunn book looks good, considering what he did for the New Perspective on Paul. I have his Jesus Remembered but haven't gotten out of the introductory rehash material.

    Excellent price for the Gr.-Eng. Synopsis! I love how that book is nearly indistinguishable from the Eng. only version, even though it has twice as many pages! A high-quality book and worth it.

    I've never figured out why the course numbers at Westminster aren't above 400 as I would expect of graduate courses. What's the deal with that?

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