Thursday, July 06, 2006

What does it mean to be Presbyterian?

There is a new book out that helps to answer that question. It was written by a WTS Ph.D. graduate and associate professor of church history at Covenant Theological Seminary and is meant to be a popular treatment of the distinctives of Presbyterianism. I think I'm going to get a copy for my daughters since I think it's important for them to know why we are Presbyterians. This is also a great resource for a new members class. You might want to mention it to your pastor. Click the graphic to go to the WTS Bookstore to order a copy.


  1. Moonshadow said...
    This was featured in early June's bimonthly newsletter from WTS Books and I thought it looked interesting. Can't beat that discounted WTS Bookstore price!

    An aside, I learned today that Kay Arthur's son, David, is an ordained PCA minister.

    For such a modestly-sized church, Mead's 12th reports 311,000+ in the US (2002), PCA folks are everywhere ... especially on the 'Net.
    michele said...
    Wow! I didn't know that he was PCA, that's great!
    e-Mom said...
    I will definitely get this book, thanks. You might not know it from my blog, but I am a Presbyterian too. However, my husband and (nearly grown) kids all align themselves with other denominations, so I get to be around a variety of points of view... which I love. God is gracious, and He's a lot bigger than me... so I try to stay open.
    michele said...
    Good, I'm glad that you'll get it. It might be good for your kids and husband to read it to see where you are coming from. Why you believe what you do. We do have a reason for our beliefs. Another good book to read along those lines is "Putting Amazing Back Into Grace" by Michael Horton. I highly recommend it.

    Both these books are written at the popular level, I bet your kids would be able to read them with no trouble.

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