Friday, July 28, 2006

Update: ESV Journaling Bible ™

Well, I'm being tempted into buying that ESV Journaling Bible that I mentioned before. Drat the publishers of the ESV and their great marketing techniques! They have a summary on their blog (yes, they have a blog) of some of the bloggers who have liked their Journaling Bible and blogged about it. And they are talking me into buying it. Some want to pass their Bible on to their kids (I thought of that years ago when I was writing in my Kay Arthur Inductive Study Bible -- and no, I didn't use her method, I thought it was too confusing, messy and time-consuming) and Adrian Warnock used his for sermon notes. Now, this is the one that's really tempting me because I was thinking about using it for my Friday morning Bible study at my church. I could put extra notes in the Bible to remind me of something I want to say.

So, don't be surprised if I post that I bought one and I love it.

(Link via Adrian Warnock)


  1. Rebecca said...
    Journaling Bible? I didn't know such a thing existed.

    And here I just got my thinline compact trutone floral design ESV in cool green.

    Maybe I should have waited. Doh!

    (Thanks for the heads up on the ESV blog. I know someone who will be Very interested in that.)
    michele said...
    If you just got it this week, you have only yourself to blame because I mentioned it this week. You should read my blog everyday. You never know what you will discover (hehe)

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