Thursday, July 06, 2006

Samantha is discovering the joys of IM

I haven't mentioned on this blog that we bought Sarah a laptop for her 8th grade graduation present. She had one of our very old computers and it was slower than a pen and paper but at least she could do IM. We gave her old computer to Samantha.

We were originally going to buy two laptops, one for Sarah for graduation and one of Doug for Father's Day but it got complicated so we only bought one. We got a pretty good deal on Sarah's, under $600. Doug decided that it was probably better not to get one after all. But I knew that he really wanted one so I decided to see if I could find a good deal for his computer as well and I found another laptop at a different store for under $600. A Toshiba that was similar to mine. He loved it and Sarah loved her's and Samantha was happy to get her Daddy's old computer.

But since everyone had laptops she felt a little left out until yesterday when she discovered the joys of IM and that she was able to talk to her friend for hours at a time over the Internet. Her friend explained the computer lingo (you know -- lol, brb, ttfn). After her friend got off the computer, she tried to talk her father and me into IMing her but there is no way I'm putting IM on this computer, it's bad enough that I get instant messaged on gmail. I wouldn't mind it so much except that they keep turning out the be meant for another Michele. I can't believe I'm getting wrong Michele IM's -- very ego deflating, no one wants to talk to me (*sniff, *sniff).

Anyway, I digress. So, Samantha is trying to talk someone into IMing here so I force her sister to do it for a while, but then she gets bored with that and decides to watch a movie instead. So, tonight I suggest that she call her grandma who lives in SC and IM her. Now she's on the Internet with her Grandma, her sister, and their cousin Michael and she is loving it.

So, I guess we are either the biggest bunch of nerds or harbingers of the things to come. Whatever it is, I'm glad Samantha is enjoying it.


  1. SupComTabz said...
    that's cool... I remember when I first got on the internet... hehehe

    just be careful (as I'm sure you know) and teach her how to use IM and chat and all those other things and avoid stalkers! :)
    michele said...
    Thanks for the warning but we're up on all that. She's been on the Internet for a couple of years but this is first time of interacting with it. And we have warned both girls about only talking to friends that they know in real life.

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