Thursday, July 06, 2006

Prayer for my husband's back

My husband hurt his back on Sunday. He slept on it wrong and then he spent the day on his feet at church (he had usher duties, he's a deacon). It's starting to lessen but it still hurts and he is supposed to take the kids camping this weekend. Please pray that he will be able to go to work tomorrow and take the kids camping. Plus, he as a big camping trip with his brothers next week.

Updated to add: my husband got the date wrong, he won't be taking the kids camping tomorrow.


  1. Moonshadow said...
    I thought he was an elder. I hope his pain goes away.

    I forgot to invite you this summer to audit classes with me.

    Well, I didn't exactly forget. I've been thinking about it for months but haven't mustered the nerve especially since, to date, you've declined my invitations.

    Here's some info on the classes. The cost to audit is $75 / class.

    I'm really only interested in the second class, the one with Fr. Boadt. You and I might not stand to learn anything from him but it's always fun to hear where other people are coming from.

    He's a Paulist which means that even though he specializes in the OT Prophets, he's devoted to St. Paul and knows Pauline theology, etc., etc.

    I'm just saying, you might find a kindred spirit in him, as unlikely as that may sound.

    I hope that you think about it.
    michele said...
    In the Presbyerian church, once an elder always an elder but right now, he's a deacon.
    michele said...
    You are so sweet to keep inviting me even though I haven't been interested. I was so burnt out from school that I wouldn't even think about going. This year I'll think about it and let you know.

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