Saturday, July 08, 2006

No Garfield!

So, no Garfield movie last night. They only have one showing of it a day in the afternoon and that's it, nothing at night. So, after dinner Doug and Sarah went to see the Pirates movie and Samantha and I stopped to buy her the new Leroy and Stitch to make up for missing the movie. It wound up costing less than the cost of the two of us seeing the movie (with popcorn and such).

If I was home early, why didn't I post something for the Carnival you might ask. Well, I was going to but I was asked to help solve a template problem and I find it easier to solve template problems than to write. My mind has decided to stop working and it's hard to write when that happens.

Let's see what happens today. I do live in hope.


  1. eph2810 said...
    Most of the time we wait until the movies come out on DVD at watch it in the comfort of our own home :). But we are thinking about watching the pirate movie in the theater. Maybe this weekend. Not sure though...
    I have written anything note-worthy for the carnival either this week.
    michele said...
    The type of movie that I love, sci-fi has to be viewed on the big screen to be really enjoyed. I loved the experience of the Star War movies and the Lord of the Rings on the big screen and I Robot as well. It was so great, you really feel a part of the movie.

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