Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Quest for a NJ Driving License

I finally finished editing my post about my visit to the DMV. It took me awhile because Blogger was being a pain about uploading my pictures, plus right when I was going to publish, Susan publishes, so I decided to wait until morning when I edited it one more time.

Today we are off to the dentist, Sarah is getting plastic put on her back teeth and then we will go to the library. Sarah reads books at the speed of light and I constantly have to keep her supplied. She is in a race with her Grandma (my mom) to see who can read the most books, Sarah is at 75! I think that I've finished 5 or 6 (a lot of my seminary reading doesn't count because you have to read the whole book not just parts of it).


  1. Happy0303 said...
    That's great that Sarah loves to read!
    michele said...
    Yes, it is! I wish her sister did. It really isn't something you can force, they have to do it on their own or not at all. I make Samantha read hoping it will "catch" but it hasn't. I haven't given up but it's tough going some times.

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