Friday, July 14, 2006

I have a dream

I'm having a hard time with this topic. My dream job is to write Bible studies and have them published and my dream vacation is Australia. My dream car is a Lexus and my dream house is a log cabin (I even know that the blue print would look like). Now, what more can I say? That's it. So, thank you for visiting, good day.

After I realized that I didn't have too much to say about these topics and since I can't remember any of my dreams, I thought about what I do dream about and there is one thing. I think about it quite a lot. I wonder about it and mull it over in my head and contemplate the Scriptures that reference it. I dream about eternity.

I dream about a time when you and I will no longer be separate because of our sin, that we can experience true fellowship the way man was meant to experience it before the fall. That we all can truly be one in the body of Christ and that all who know and love Christ, will be united in worship of Him and in service to Him. A day when there is no war when all of us can live in harmony under the sovereign rein of Christ.

I dream of a day when I will no longer experience pain and ailments, when my mind and body will be free of the sins of this world. When there will be no more crying and when all our tears will be wiped away. A day when death is destroyed forever and there will be no pain and sorrow. A day when I will became like Christ and will finally see this new person that I’ve become.

I dream of a day when I will see Jesus coming down from heaven to redeem His people and He will shine like the sun and we will behold his glory. A day when I will hear the sound of the trumpet and know that He has returned, it is a sound that I am looking forward to hearing.

I dream of the day that Jesus’ vindication is seen by the entire world. A day when all the scoffers will be silenced, a day when His name will be exalted and at His name every knee shall bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. A day when the Lord's enemies will be made His footstool; a day when the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.

I dream of a day when I will sing the praises of the Lord forever and in unison with the people of God. Oh what a day that will be!


  1. e-Mom said...
    "I dream of a day when I will sing the praises of the Lord forever and in unison with the people of God. Oh what a day that will be!"

    A beautiful post and so well-written. You've said it all. There's nothing more to say! Be blessed.
    michele said...
    Thank you very much!
    eph2810 said...
    Michele - this is beautiful :). Thank you so much for sharing your dream.
    I am dreaming about having communion with all my brothers and sisters I have 'met' on the web and seeing my earthly father again.
    You know which song comes to mind?
    "I can only imagine"...'will I dance in your presence, will I say something at all?'
    Have a blessed Sunday.
    Shna said...
    Reading my way through the BC Carnival!

    Great post, very well written :)
    Pamela said...
    One of the books we read at home groupd discussed hwo "We were built for eternity." This one small revelation by someone has helped me through some of my darkest moments. I understand so much more why losing our loved ones and watching our bodies become diseased it so unnatural and so unfair. God made me to be like him- eternal. I have hope.
    Mama Duck said...
    Just lovely. Thanks.
    Karmyn R said...
    Lovely post
    lori said...
    Life seems so hard at times. Your post has reminded me of the good things that will come to those who know the Lord as their Savior. Thank you for the reminder today, I really needed this. I long for glory land!!
    Gina said...
    This post was beautiful and made me cry. We sang "I Can Only Imagine" in church this morning and this reminded me so much of that.

    See Ya there!
    Malissa said...
    excellent dreams!
    Great Day said...
    I've too often thought about eternity and what a glorious day it will be!

    What a great perspective on it and thanks for reminding me of this great dream!

    here from the BC carnival
    CyberCelt said...
    When the lamb lay down with the lion and true peace will be upon the land.

    Your dream sounds wonderful.

    Good bless

    here from BC for C&C Monday.
    Life is a Buffet said...
    The cool thing about your dream is that it will actually come true one day. Isn't that great? I think about eternity a lot these days with the situation in our world as it is. Eternity feels like just a dream sometimes, but it is very much a reality. Isn't it great that it doesn't end with this life, but we get to keep going in a much better place? What hope that gives me. How do people live without that hope? Great job Michele, as usual.
    Robin said...
    Michele, This was lovely to read...and somehow it made me so grateful for what we have in Christ now, not just in the future. As I've begun hearing, not just reading, the gospels, I see how truly "the kingdom of God is at hand" :). How Christ Himself incarnates His beloveds through the indwelling of the Spirit...amazing. Yes, there will be a future day when "the times will have reached their fulfillment—to bring all things in heaven and on earth together under one head, even Christ" (Ephesians 1:10), but for now, Jesus tells us that to know God is to have eternal life (John 17) and He gives us those means to know Him now :).

    And, wow...your dream is assured by the God who keeps HIs word! Makes me wanna do one of my little happy dances...!

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