Saturday, July 29, 2006

Funny Blogs?

e-mom at C h r y s a l i s asks:

Can you recommend any blogs that are entertaining and/or funny?
If you know of any funny blogs, go tell her! I already mentioned Shannon and Lauren and Holy Mama. Those are my favorites. Oh and I should have mentioned Tess because she is funny too (e-Mom, you might want to add her to the list)! Tess changed the colors of her template and they are really colorful, a great combination. It reminds me of stuff that you can buy at Target (you know notebooks or bedrooms sets or something).


  1. e-Mom said...
    Thanks for the mention Michele! Shall do; I'll add Tess to my list. Maybe I should add new category to my sidebar... Humor! Hmmmm.
    e-Mom said...
    P.S. You're pretty funny yourself! I'll add you too!
    michele said...
    You're welcome e-mom. Well, it's not like I look at this as a humor blog but OK, I'll take it! Thanks. Though, do you think people will come here expecting me to be funny?

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