Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Went to see "Superman Returns" and other stuff

We went out to dinner and saw a movie, "Superman Returns". Go check out my review of the movie.

Before we went to see the movie, I actually turned off my computer. I decided the blogroll and my blogs can wait and I read a book until it was time to get ready to go. It felt good to be off the computer. I have been on way too much. I kept thinking, "I'll finish all the emails and then I'll be able to do something else" but I could never finish all the emails. As soon as I was done with the first wave of emails, a second wave would appear. I would send out the code and then those women would install the code immediately and then I would have to add them to the blogroll and send out an email to let them know that they had been added and to put in a plug for the Carnival. And this was not just one person, this was three or four a night. And then sometimes women would have problems with the code and I would have to troubleshoot and reply. And some of the emails were comments to my blog and I would have to reply to those. And so on, and so on, and so on! So, I closed up the computer and read. The girls have to read for an hour a day, I guess I will have to join them.

But not until they return, they are going to be spending some time with their Grandparents. I'm very blessed to have my parents living in this state and they love having my kids over. When the girls were younger I was so thankful to get rid of them for a couple days so that I could rest :-) and work on Bible studies without interruptions. But now that they are older, I really hate when they go away for extended periods. I miss them. Summer is the only time I get them all day and I hate to share that time with their Grandparents but of course I'm not selfish about it and now, I'm the one who gives my parents the gift instead of the other way around.

I've resolved not to spend the time that they are away on the Internet. I'm going to work on my Revelation study. I also want to post something on Hermeneutics and this will give me a chance to review my class notes. I need to start thinking about preparing for the fall. I also want to finish my Samson study. So, I'm planning to be busy, let's see if I can be good and do it. Please pray for me.

BTW, various bloggers have done a Where I'm From Poetry Meme and I decided to try my hand at a Where I'm From Haiku and I also do another one here. I did one on the mall and one on the Jersey Shore. I plan to do a couple on the turnpike :-). If you want to do one, let me know and I will link to you on my Reformed Chicks Blabbing blog.


  1. Moonshadow said...
    I'm going to work on my Revelation study

    I wondered how this was going. Can you tell me your commentaries at some point, please?
    michele said...
    I thought I told you this already, it's Beale .

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